How to Lock YouTube on Android

There are several ways to lock YouTube on Android. To unlock it, you must first disable its pin window. To do this, simply locate the YouTube icon in the Recents or Navigation Bar. Select the Pin Window option and hold down the Recents and Back buttons at the same time. This will bring you back to the lock screen. Then, follow the same steps to unlock the YouTube screen again. Now, you can enjoy your favorite YouTube videos anytime you like.

Disable Sleep Mode

If you’ve ever wanted to watch YouTube while on your phone, you can disable the sleep mode on your phone. You can access this setting from the power options menu, which is found in the start menu. Just type “power options” to open the menu and change the time of sleep. Disabling sleep mode will prevent YouTube from crashing while you’re offline. But it will also drain your battery more quickly than usual.

You can also disable sleep mode manually by tapping the Health app from the Control Center. This will prevent Sleep Mode from turning on automatically, which may be useful for waking up early. However, this method doesn’t work well if you need to use your phone right away. You can always disable the sleep mode again later if you need to. Just make sure you turn off the sleep mode before you need to use the phone.

Disable Touch Blocker

If you’re having trouble securing your children’s YouTube screen, you can disable Touch Blocker by disabling it on your device. This simple tool prevents your kids from accidentally providing YouTube likes or subscribing to channels they shouldn’t be following. YouTube video views are normally displayed in your history. Touch Blocker is a great tool to secure your child’s screen, but if you want to protect your children’s privacy, you may want to consider installing third-party applications that will help you lock YouTube. Touch Lock App is a great choice for this, and it is simple to install.

YouTube is the most popular video sharing site on the Internet, but there are several ways to prevent it from being locked. First, you can disable the “Pin Window” feature by clicking the “Pin Window” button. This feature is usually found on the navigation or Recents bar. To return to the YouTube screen after locking it, you can press the Back button while holding it. Another way to disable the lock screen is by using a third-party application, such as Mozilla Firefox.
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Disable Accessibility

If your child has a visual impairment, you might want to enable YouTube’s accessibility feature. You can access this feature from the accessibility settings page. The top-left corner of the screen contains the Accessibility feature selection box. Tap the Guided Access option and then click the home button. From here, you can disable touch on certain parts of the screen. You can also disable accessibility by drawing a circle around the area you want to lock.

Alternatively, you can lock the entire screen. To do this, go to Settings > General >> Accessibility. If you’re using an iPhone, you can activate Guided Access from the home screen. Alternatively, you can use the YouTube app’s settings to disable accessibility. Once the screen is locked, you’ll be prompted to enter a passcode to gain access to the content. When you’ve completed this step, you’ll be able to enjoy your videos.

Enable Musi app to search for a YouTube video to play in the background

Enabling Musi app to search for a YouTube audio or video in the background to lock YouTube screen is as simple as setting a timer. The first time you lock the screen, YouTube will automatically stop playing and music will not be heard. However, you can set the video to continue playing in the background even when you switch apps. Just enable the desktop site to make this feature work on your device.

Using this method works for desktop users who have a YouTube Premium subscription. Once you’re logged in, you can enable Musi to search for a YouTube video to play in the background. If you’re on a mobile device, you can use a web browser or other app to listen to the music. This way, you can continue the music when you need to multitask.

Enable Google Chrome browser

In order to enable Google Chrome browser to lock YouTube screen, you need to sign into your YouTube account. Next, click on the three lines located at the top left corner of your screen. Then, click on the lock button. You will see the password in blue. Input the password to unlock the screen and click on the unlock button. Your child should not be able to unlock the screen. You should check the settings page of your browser to ensure the privacy of your children.

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The YouTube update for Android does not apply to specific OEMs and is free to download from the Google Play store. The free YouTube website is also available on desktop computers. Enabling YouTube restricted mode on your Android phone will prevent your children from watching content they shouldn’t be watching. This feature will also prevent your kids from watching videos that are inappropriate or obscene. After enabling the update, you can start watching YouTube videos without worrying about who’s watching.