Yakima Q Clips

Yakima Q clips are a popular addition to many motorcycles, as they help prevent the rack from sliding off. While they are great for securing the rack to your motorcycle, they can be costly. To get the best value, consider purchasing a pair for your motorcycle. A pair will hold up to 4 Q Towers, so you’ll want to make sure you get one that fits snugly. If you have a rain gutter in your vehicle, you may not want to use these clips, but they’re an excellent way to keep the Q tower from falling off your bike.

Each Q Clip is designed to fit a specific vehicle. Yakima sells vehicle-specific clips for the Q Tower system. These clips attach to your vehicle’s doorframe and secure the Q Tower to the vehicle. To make sure that the Q Tower will fit correctly, consult a Yakima fit guide. If you’re unsure of what size Q clips you need, call their customer service line to request them.

When shopping for Yakima Q clips, keep in mind that you’ll need two sets, so you’ll need at least one set for each vehicle. This will make them easier to install. Yakima also offers a Q Tower Bundle for hardtop Eurovans, which includes Q Clips and Q Towers. To make the most of your new Yakima Q Clips, use the Q Tower fitting guide provided with your vehicle.