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Health, business, technology and lifestyle, beauty, fashion entertainment, fashion jewelry and writing essays, education travel, sports, property, law, and more.

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Information on casinos for adults, gambling as well as gambling, drugs vaping, online pharmacy dating, religion, and weapons.


Unique, original, non-plagiarized, informational, and non-promotional content is needed.

The article must have at least 600-words written from scratch.

There is a limit of two do-follow links per webpage.

Ideas For Writers For Us feel. mangotips.com@gmail.com

Thank you for stopping by this mangotips.com Write for Us page! We are grateful for your enthusiasm for writing for us. However, there are certain limitations. Could you contribute to our understanding? We invite you to submit articles to us if you have insights into any of the following topics or topics: If you are interested in writing for us, you must first be familiar with the requirements for content formatting.

Write articles for our website “what,” “How-to,” “Tips,” or “Top list” topics such as “Top list,” “Top list,” and so on. The content should be extensively researched and founded on surveys, polls, and research studies by the well-known platform. “Write with Us + Technology” is the name of a phrase that references “write for us using technology.”

It’s beautiful to be motivated. But what about plagiarism? To put it in a nutshell, this is a no-no! Only recommendations that are 100% unique and written with passion could be considered. Make sure you credit the author when discussing another piece of work or in some way. The plagiarized content is removed from our site in the shortest time possible. “Write for Us and general” is a term that translates to “write for us, in every niche.”

The amount of words you can include in an article is restricted. However, any piece of content with more than 1,000 words will suffice! We also emphasize specific topics such as niches, themes, or niches that relate to our site’s SEO.

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It is vital to follow these guidelines for the publication of your content. These guidelines can help in writing for us. Whatever topic you choose, These guidelines apply to any subject and type of content. If you’re using a sponsored article or guest-posting service, It is crucial to maintain quality and content to leave a lasting impression for a long time on your readers. Here are some suggestions to use when writing material for us to use:

HD Content To Write For Us

  • Content should be original, unique, and of superior quality.
  • Content must not be plagiarized and grammatically correct before it is reviewed and accepted for publication.
  • The concept of the content must be unique, and the content has to be educational.
  • Content shouldn’t be advertised.

You can submit your guest post/sponsored post to mangotips.com@gmail.com.

SUBMIT A POSTING for a guest:

You can send your guest blog post to mangotips.com@gmail.com.

Your guest article or sponsored post is subject to the following steps beginning with submitting your proposal to be published.

  • If you’ve finished an article you sponsored or guest-published, Now is the perfect moment to submit your report via Mango Tips.
  • In this post, we’ll guide you through each step of the process step-by-step, from submission to the last publication date of your blog.
  • If you email us your blog as a guest that we read, it will be reviewed and evaluated by the editorial staff.
  • The most effective way to do this is by uploading Google documents, as it allows editors to provide an opinion on the article. If the editor thinks that the content is in line with the standards established by our site, the report will be sent back to us for more review.
  • Our reviewers get together once a week. Members of the team review your guest blog post. If they decide that they think your blog post is worthy of publication, the editor will reach out to you. The editor will collaborate with you in addressing the criticisms made by the reviewers.
  • Once you’ve responded to your comment After you have responded, you’ll send the word back to us.
  • We’ll review the changes to determine if you’ve dealt with all the problems.
  • If your blog’s guest post is selected for publication, The editor will notify you via email. Following publication, we’ll send you the link to your post.

We’re asking you to write post-mortems for us. To be considered for guest postings, the posts need to meet the guidelines we have established for the posts. You’re invited to submit your content if you can write engaging content. Once we’ve received approval from our panel of editors and reviewers, we will then post your article as a sponsored one on our site and inform you via email.


Our non-discrimination policy allows everyone, regardless of race, religious belief, ethnicity, the sexuality of their partner, country, and political viewpoint, the opportunity to write guest blogs and sponsored articles for us. We take our non-discrimination policy strict and firmly. Discrimination and discrimination have been rotting our society for centuries. It’s time to end this one and forever. We encourage everyone to join us in our writing and join the vast Mango Tips community.

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