Why Do People Put Money in Hotel Bibles?

Hotel bibles are an intriguing place to leave change, but why do people leave money inside them? Many people will do so as a kind gesture, leaving a tip for the cleaning staff or other hotel employees. Others believe leaving money in hotel bibles is a good luck charm. However, there’s more to the practice than just leaving a few dollars in a bible. In fact, some people will read the pages where they find the money, hoping to find good luck.

Many hotel rooms also have a Gideon Bible. This bible has special pages near the front, including a short preface, suggestions for Bible verses, and an explanation of evangelical salvation. Some people also place money inside hotel bibles, which is said to reward the next person seeking Scripture. Some of these bibles also contain a few hundred dollars, and it’s not entirely clear why these people place money in them.

One reason is that hotel owners may view Bibles in hotel rooms as a welcome amenity. After all, they’re free and accessible to anyone. However, some hotels are considering taking away the Bibles altogether, including Gideon Bibles. That way, they can keep the money they earn. There’s nothing wrong with that! There’s no need to feel guilty! This practice isn’t new and has only become more widespread with the passage of time.

But, many people ask, “Why do people put money in hotel bibles?” While Gideons believe their message can help troubled people, hotels don’t make the decision to purchase them. The Gideons, on the other hand, are free to put them in hotel rooms. They supplement the Bible with alternative religious literature. The hotel industry doesn’t care about the sacredness of its book; it’s driven by profit.

One major hotel chain recently decided not to include religious texts in their new hotels. A spokesperson for Marriott International said that the books didn’t fit with the company’s “personality.” After all, millennials are the least religious generation in American history. And yet, this is a demographic that hotels target. And what’s more, millennials are a highly targeted group in terms of marketing. But if the hotel doesn’t want to offend anyone, it’s likely to have no impact on its bottom line.

The Gideon Bibles in hotel rooms are more than a way to make people aware of Christianity and the Gospel. The Bibles are often free. Gideon International still donates New Testaments to the world. While Gideon International’s mission has changed, the Bibles remain free. If you’re traveling to a hotel and see a Bible, be sure to take it home with you.

However, the numbers may be misleading. According to a survey conducted by the STR and the American Hotel & Lodging Association, only 48% of hotels in the United States provide hotel Bibles. Moreover, hotel Bibles are becoming increasingly rare as the number of religious guests declines. In fact, many hotels are now equipped with Wi-Fi so that guests can get online and connect with other travelers. This is a sad trend, but the trend is a positive one.

Despite the challenges that the charity sector faces, Gideons have succeeded in distributing Bibles to many venues around the world. Since they are supported by donations, Gideons are now one of the world’s leading Bible charities, distributing more than 2 billion Bibles in 196 countries. And the Gideons Bible Project continues to thrive today! There’s no limit to the people who will benefit from this humanitarian work!