Who is Zentreya?

Zentreya is a virtual streamer that communicates through text. She started her career as a mute streamer, and many questioned her genre, but one day, she decided to speak up. She is now an international figure, with an impressive number of followers.

zentreya’s real name is esoteric

Despite her growing popularity, few people know Zentreya’s real name. While she goes by the names Zen and Dragonqueen, the truth is much more elusive. She is a woman and was born on the 20th of May. Her real name is esoteric, and she has not yet been given a Wikipedia page.

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zentreya’s 3d avatar is jjinomu

Known for her VRChat roleplaying videos, Zentreya is an English-language VTuber and member of the VTuber group VShojo. She uses a speech-to-text-to-speech system to speak in her videos. Her jjinomu avatar has a crimson-colored body and angelic eyes. Fans of Zentreya are captivated by her dedication to her performance.

zentreya hates horror

Zentreya has a close relationship with the VRChat community, where he role-plays as a variety of characters. The fan base calls him Zentreya and he has created at least 10 different personas. He once had a child named IceReaper with Joey Bagels and Nagzz21. He has also revealed his real voice when responding to a joke. His real voice is pronounced like “apricot.”

zentreya dislikes mustard

Zentreya is a VRChat roleplayer and English-language VTuber. He debuted on the VTuber network in 2017 and was known for his roleplaying videos. In November 2020, he joined VShojo, a community of VTubers. The VTuber uses a speech-to-text-to-speech system to deliver his videos, which is similar to a human voice.

zentreya hates losing

Zentreya has a very close relationship with the VRChat community. Through this community, he developed his character, including a number of alternate personalities. He has played as various characters on the channel, including IceReaper and Joey Bagels. He also had a kid with Nagzz21, and his voice was briefly revealed in one of his responses to a joke. His real voice is actually the same as his original character, Apricot.

zentreya’s dislike of tacos

Zentreya is a VRChat roleplaying character and a YouTuber. She was an early adopter of the VTuber community, first gaining popularity with her roleplays. In November of 2020, she joined the VTuber group VShojo. Her voice is synthesized using speech-to-text technology. In her videos, she expresses her opinion on a variety of topics.

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