Who Is Jelena Karleusa?

Jelena Karleusa is a Serbian singer and media personality. She is widely popular on social media platforms, such as Instagram. Born and raised in Serbia, Jelena grew up with a police officer father and a radio host mother. She began singing when she was 16 years old. In 2011, her music video became the first Serbian video to become a viral hit on YouTube.

Her music video became the first Serbian music video to go viral on YouTube

Lea Stankovic is one of Serbia’s newest influencers, with over half a million followers on Twitter and a video with more than 135,000 likes on YouTube. The song’s viral success has prompted Konstrakta to host Eurovision 2022, a song she performed at the event. She has been featured in over 8,000 videos on TikTok, with more than a hundred million views.

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Ana Duric, real name Ana Duric, will be the representative of Serbia at the 2022 Eurovision song contest in Turin, Italy. Maneskin, a singer from Italy, won the 2021 Eurovision contest in Turin, Italy. The 2022 competition will take place in the PalaOlimpico Arena. In 2007, Serbia won the Eurovision song contest with ‘Molitva’ by Marija Serifovic.

The flurry of activity began in late January 2014, when a music video of the song was uploaded to YouTube. Users nicknamed the accordion player ‘Dat Face Soldier’ because of his facial expression. Afterward, Dajic is rumoured to have died in Montenegro in 2018.

Her relationship with RTV Pink

The Grammy-winning singer has been in a long-term relationship with professional motocross racer Carey Hart. The pair met during the Summer X Games in Philadelphia in 2001. After a brief break-up in 2003, they reconciled and Pink proposed during a motocross competition in Mammoth, California. They later married in Costa Rica in 2006. In 2010, Pink revealed that she is expecting a baby.

The couple separated in 2008, and then reconciled in 2010. In 2010, the couple welcomed their first child, Willow Sage, in June 2010. They welcomed their second child, Jameson Moon, in June 2016. The singer and her husband are reportedly still together. Pink’s career has not slowed down since their separation. The couple recently released a new album called “Sugar” together, which was a surprise hit.

In 2008, Pink and Hart announced their separation in an amicable manner. The couple were married for two years, but the relationship was troubled when Hart allegedly cheated. Pink vented about the split to friends and claimed Hart had been unfaithful and unable to spend time with her. She cited a lack of quality time as a primary reason for the split. Pink later explained that Hart had become distracted by her career and had not spent enough time with her.

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Hart and Pink first met while competing in motorcross races in Pennsylvania. At that time, Hart was a motorcross racer, and he appeared in Pink’s music video “Just Like a Pill.” However, they did not get together again until 2007, when Pink’s infamously unfaithful boyfriend proposed to her. The two married in Costa Rica in a ceremony that was attended by celebrities. They were married in a white dress with a black sash, and Hart later appeared in a music video for “So What”.

Her political opinions

The rumor mill has been circling for years that Olympiacos star Jelena Karleusa has political opinions. Karleusa’s comments have garnered a significant amount of media attention, especially after she made a controversial statement about Ceca’s alleged ordering of articles for the press. However, Karleusa’s views remain largely unfounded.

Born on 17 August 1978, Jelena Karleusa is a Serbian pop singer. She was raised in the Fontana neighborhood in New Belgrade. She is married to soccer player Dusko Tosic and has two daughters, Atina and Nika. Her parents, Dragan and Dusko, are both retired from the Serbian Ministry of Internal Affairs. Dragan, her father, is a former police captain who led the investigation into the Kosovo massacre of 1999. The two also served as members of Operation Sablja. Jelena Karleusa graduated from Zemun Gymnasium in Belgrade and attended music school. She was a member of the school choir.

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Despite her many critics, Jelena Karleusa has remained politically active. She has been publicly supportive of the Pride Parade, attacking opponents with lascivious language and convincing arguments. Her support for the gay community extends to social media, where she has posted videos of herself in concert, surrounded by rainbow flags. She captioned these videos with “GAY RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS!”

During her career, Karleusa has remained committed to the Serbian people. She supported the victims of the 2014 floods by providing basic necessities to Serbian shelters for three days straight. She also performed at a charity concert hosted by Donna Ares in the Zetra Olympic Hall in Sarajevo. She also donated 100,000 RSD to VK Partizan soccer team for the heating of pools during the winter season.

In the same way that her music has achieved worldwide popularity, Jelena Karleusa has also been an influential figure in Serbia’s mass culture and public life. In fact, a public survey in Serbia cited Jelena Karleusa as the most influential influence among Serbian youth. The song even appeared on a standardized exam for admission to Nis University. Jelena Karleusa’s political opinions are highly controversial, but she has received widespread media attention, despite being a popular celebrity.

Her astrological sign

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