Where Does AJ’s Dad Find a Phone?

In “Where Does AJ’s Dad Find a Phone?” we learn that AJ’s dad is a detective, and that he’s also a foster parent. But we don’t learn where AJ finds his phone, or why he spray-paints it on a building.

AJ’s dad is a detective

AJ’s dad is a detective who works for the Chicago Police Department. He has been involved in the investigation of missing children for the past two years. His mother, who suffers from dementia, is in a mental institution. AJ’s brother, Ty, was also placed into the foster care system. While Ty eventually aged out of the system, AJ remained in the foster care system. AJ uses a bat signal to communicate with his brother.

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Wright was concerned when her daughter went missing. She told Hadsell to put the keys in the mailbox, but when AJ didn’t show, she was able to find her at a nearby hotel. She noticed that AJ was missing her clothes. She also found a note written on the kitchen table that said, “With everything.” However, the note didn’t make any sense to Wright.

AJ’s dad is a foster parent

The investigation into AJ’s death has taken several turns. First, a social worker at a local hospital recognized bruises on AJ’s body. He also asked about AJ’s clothes, which were turned inside out. Freund had admitted to using drugs within weeks of AJ’s birth.

As a result, DCFS took protective custody of AJ’s younger brother and placed him with a licensed foster parent. AJ’s younger brother appeared healthy, showing no signs of abuse or neglect. Then, a day after AJ’s parents reported him missing, DCFS received a hotline call alleging neglect and inadequate supervision at the home. This led to the discovery of AJ’s body in Woodstock, Illinois.

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AJ’s dad finds a phone

The phone calls keep coming. When AJ and his dad are in a car together, they see a phone number on the phone screen. AJ thinks it is Mike’s, but Mike tells him it is his own. Mike then hands AJ’s cell phone, which he uses to contact Ty. AJ finds out that his dad is not the only one concerned about his disappearance, and he asks his dad what he thinks will happen to him.

AJ’s dad finds a phone in his shed, so he gives it to AJ, who is trying to reach AJ. AJ tries to hide it, but Brandon and Sophia try to get it by watching him. AJ is unaware of the presence of Sophia and Brandon, as he is talking to Daphne.

AJ spray paints a phone number on a building

When AJ’s dad discovers that his daughter has been spying on him, he is determined to stop her. But he isn’t sure how. He has a few ideas that will help him find her, including a phone that he can spray-paint on a building where his father finds a phone.

After the crash, Madelyn regains consciousness, identifying the man who is in the raft with her father. Dominic and Kendra investigate the case and make an arrest. Madelyn has a seizure after Kendra questions her. Meanwhile, AJ struggles to cope with the loss of his father, believing that there are suspicious circumstances surrounding his death.

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