When is the Next DDF Earnings Report?

If you are wondering when is the next DDF earnings report, you’re in luck. The company releases earnings reports on an annual and quarterly basis. Here’s how to view these reports. DDF earnings are reported quarterly, so check back here on a regular basis for updated information. You can also subscribe to our free email newsletter for news and market updates. To find out the next DDF earnings report, sign up for our free newsletter.


If you’re looking to purchase shares of Delaware Dividend & Income, you may be wondering when its next earnings report will be. This company reports its earnings on an annual and quarterly basis. However, before you make an investment decision, you should familiarize yourself with its earnings reporting cycle. You can get an estimate of its next earnings date by visiting Zacks Investment Research. Zacks estimates earnings on a BNRI basis, which means it includes stock option expenses.

Zacks Earnings

The next earnings report for DDF is due on May 16. The most recent estimate was released on October 9, 2018. The date for this report hasn’t yet been officially announced by the company. Zacks investment research will provide the most up-to-date information, based on historical reporting dates. However, this does not mean that a company will report earnings before its actual date. The company will report earnings on a BNRI basis, which includes stock option expenses.

The quantitative model is the key to the firm’s success. Zacks utilizes quantitative models and analyst insights to forecast earnings and make its Zacks Recommendations. For DDF, this means that it will likely report a lower estimate than most analysts are expecting. Investors may also be interested in the company’s revenue outlook. As of this writing, Zacks has estimated that DDF’s sales growth will be less than half of its projected amount.

Investors may want to wait until the report is published to determine if it’s time to buy or sell. Zacks research publishes data on many investment vehicles, including DDF. Its approach is unique because it emphasizes revised earnings estimates rather than forward-looking estimates. Although brokerage analysts tend to be conservative, the revised estimates are often indicative of strong future performance. The earnings report for DDF is due on May 15, but if it’s a NASDAQ-listed company, it could hit a new high on the day.

Zacks has a number of free resources for investors. Its free content includes stock recommendations and Bull/Bear of the Day. There’s also a premium service called Zacks Premium. This service focuses on stocks and gives investors detailed estimates of their earnings per share. Additionally, Zacks offers various products, including mutual funds and ETFs. However, Zacks premium is the best way to see the company’s future earnings and forecasts.

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