When is the Earnings Report For Cybrexa (CBX)?

The upcoming earnings date for Cybrexa (cbx) is set on Tuesday, April 16, and the company has raised $25 million in a series B funding round led by HighCapital Ventures and Elm Street Ventures. It is expected that earnings will be in line with consensus estimates. Zacks investment research provides the upcoming earnings date, which is based on the BNRI method, which includes stock option expenses.

Cybrexa (cbx) has raised $25 million in a series B backed by HighCapital Ventures and Elm Street Ventures

The proceeds will be used to advance the company’s lead drug candidate, CBX-12, into the Phase 1 clinical trial process. Phase 1 clinical trials are the first step toward regulatory approval. Cybrexa is a four-year-old biotech company that is backed by serial entrepreneurs and physician-scientists from Yale University. It has a staff of 22 people and roughly a dozen consultants. Cybrexa’s lead drug candidate is a potent cancer-fighting agent that is designed to deposit a powerful anti-cancer agent directly into tumor cells.

Cybrexa is a privately-held biotechnology company that develops a class of small molecule DNA repair inhibitors. Its approach leverages an innovative tumor-localizing peptide technology. The management team is comprised of experienced researchers and business executives who have lead a number of start-ups to liquidity events.

The company’s alphalex technology, which allows the compound to form a corkscrew-like helix under acidic conditions, helps the drug penetrate tumor cells and release exatecan, a potent cytotoxic agent. Cybrexa’s technology could help other cancer drugs in the future, especially those that boost the immune system.

Analysts expect earnings to be in line with estimates

While the EPS estimate for the second quarter of 2019 remains a bit softer than the first, it remains above the market average. The consensus estimate is based on the forecasts of nine analysts. These forecasts are usually revised as new information comes in. For example, if an analyst’s estimate is higher than the actual number, it’s likely that the company’s earnings will be lower than its guidance.

Since many investors follow the forecasts of stock analysts, they are an important part of the stock market equation. Earnings power is one of the primary factors that investors consider when evaluating a company. Investors look for a strong estimate for earnings per share (EPS) and a sense of the company’s earnings power. Big brokerage houses and other stock market players keep their eye on the consensus estimate. If earnings miss the estimates, the stock price can fall significantly. If the analysts are wrong, the stock could drop.

Zacks has a BNRI basis for calculating earnings

The Zacks Method uses the BNRI basis to calculate the earnings of companies. It back tests its results using the DBCMHIST database. The Research Wizard program is aligned to eliminate look-ahead bias. However, Zacks cannot guarantee that its results are free from look-ahead bias. For example, stocks with no monthly close or weekly open price are excluded from the returns calculation.

The company has positive surprises and negative ones. A positive surprise usually boosts share prices. On the other hand, a negative surprise usually brings down the stock’s value. Zacks’s Rank takes into account both positive and negative surprises. It also looks at the difference between the last estimate and the consensus estimate. If the most recent estimate is higher than the consensus, the company has a good chance of delivering positive surprises. Conversely, if the consensus estimate falls below the last estimate, the stock’s value is likely to fall.

The Zacks Rank measures a company’s performance by looking at the difference between the most recent estimates and the company’s 60-day outlook. The higher the difference, the higher the score. For example, the Zacks Rank for cbx is a 1 – which means that the stock is currently undervalued. However, this does not mean that cbx’s earnings are unrealized. The company’s BNRI basis for calculating the earnings has been confirmed by BNRI.