When is the Earnings Report for BHK Due?

When is the earnings report for BHK due? SG:BHK is a symbol for Siic Environment Holdings Ltd., a company that develops and markets renewable energy. The earnings release occurs quarterly, in the second quarter. The earnings release is usually preceded by a stock split. The next earnings report is expected to be published in June. The full disclosure can be found at the company’s website.

Zacks: SG:BHK / Siic Environment Holdings Ltd.

When is the earnings report for Siic Environment? The date of the next earnings release will be released in the third quarter. Usually, earnings are reported quarterly or interimly. The full report is filed sometime after the results are released. This information is based on historical reporting dates, and may be revised. Analyst estimates are provided in a table format. It includes high estimates, low estimates, and the prior year’s average estimate.

SIIC Environment Holdings Ltd. engages in wastewater treatment, water supply, sludge treatment, solid waste incineration, and other environment-related businesses. It operates its water treatment, water supply, and solid waste incineration infrastructure in China. In addition, it designs, constructs, and operates water-related infrastructure under service concession agreements with public and private clients. This includes some of the world’s most environmentally-sound cities.


Whether you are considering an M&A transaction or a strategic investment, the quality of an earnings report is an essential component of your due diligence. Getting an earnings report from a third-party expert can give you an extra measure of assurance during the due diligence process and highlight areas of concern. In addition, you can use this report to clean up your listing before marketing it on the open market. A third-party analyst can also point out inconsistencies and highlight areas of concern in the company’s business model.

When preparing an earnings report for a buyer, a quality report can provide a level of comfort to the potential buyer. A quality earnings report will reconcile historical EBITDA and annual income statements, as well as interim results, and discuss gross margin, monthly revenue, and project economics. It will also discuss any issues with customer concentrations, credit risk, and deductions from gross sales. It should be accompanied by a business plan to help potential buyers analyze the company’s financial health and make an informed decision.