What’s Next For Lucciana Beynon?

Australian social media star Lucciana Beynon is making waves worldwide as a fashion model and Instagram influencer. She’s signed with Elite and BraveModels and has featured in countless magazines and campaigns. Born and raised in Australia, Beynon has been modeling and creating content for social media platforms for the last six years. She’s also a successful businesswoman, reportedly earning nearly $1.5 million last year.

Lucciana Beynon’s father, the tobacco tycoon Travers Beynon, has a net worth of $200 million. Despite their wealth, they’re not the typical celebrity couple. Travers Beynon is notorious for throwing extravagant parties at his estate and has a large harem of live-ins. The family’s love of the arts has influenced Lucciana to follow in her father’s footsteps.

Although Lucciana Beynon has a stellar modeling career and thousands of followers on social media, her personal life isn’t all glamour and glitz. She has a full time job and still maintains her health and fitness while juggling her social media promotions. Despite her success in the modeling world, Beynon has not forgotten her roots. She continues to stay grounded and remains excited for the challenges ahead.

Lucciana Beynon is a Venezuelan-Australian model. She is the daughter of Travers Beynon, a tobacco tycoon in Australia. She is currently dating Wes Nelson. The couple first started dating last May and live together in London. They met through mutual friends and have a good relationship. Lucciana Beynon has a close relationship with her father and is proud of it.

Lucciana Beynon is twenty years old and is represented by Elite and BraveModels worldwide. Her net worth is estimated to reach $900k by 2021. She earns from modeling, brand promotions, and endorsements. Her career is set to continue growing as she continues to showcase her amazing body and talent in various fields. So, what’s next for Lucciana Beynon? She’s already at the top of the fashion industry and will only keep on growing.