What You Need to Know About the 2019 Dime P

If you have been wondering about the design of the 2019 Dime P, you have come to the right place. The obverse side features President Franklin Roosevelt’s left-facing bust, while the reverse side is adorned with the oak, olive, and torch symbols of peace and strength. Though the designs of the coins may differ slightly from the ones depicted on their stock websites, the actual coins are likely to look much like the images on those websites.

The value of a 2019 Dime P depends on its quality and condition. Uncirculated ones can fetch as much as $2.28, while proof ones can go as high as $2 million. You can purchase your 2019 Dime P on Amazon and look for a high-grade one. Be careful not to pay too much for it, as a good quality one can go for two million dollars or more! Regardless of its quality, you can make money from collecting these coins.

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There are also two types of Roosevelt dimes. The original Roosevelt dime was released on January 30, 1946, on the President’s birthday. This coin was a tribute to the president because he had been fighting polio and establishing the March of Dimes. Despite being considered common, they do carry some unique characteristics for collectors. There are different types of Roosevelt dimes, and there is a Roosevelt dime that will be of particular interest to you.