What You Need to Know About American Media Star Sofia Franklyn

The internet has been flooded with speculations about Sofia Franklyn’s net worth. While she was a student at the University of Utah, she left the classroom to pursue her passion for writing. Franklyn was soon recognized as a rising star, with more than 816k followers on social media. Franklyn has also collaborated with a sports blog, Barstool Sports, to write articles and podcasts about sports.

The Internet is a rich place, and Sofia Franklyn’s emergence as a popular radio host and blogger has resulted in a healthy amount of net worth. Her early blogging career attracted the attention of sports and finance company Barstool Sports, and her eccentric writing style soon won her the position of contributing writer for the company. Although her career path began in finance, she eventually moved to the city to pursue her passion for sports blogging.

Sofia Franklyn was born in Utah, and studied Economics at the University of Utah. She subsequently worked as a consultant for a financial firm, but soon decided she didn’t enjoy the work. Later, she met Alexandra during the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas. Franklyn’s net worth continues to grow as she has continued to pursue her dream. If you are curious about Sofia Franklyn’s net worth, here’s what you need to know about this American media star.

Sofia Franklyn’s net worth is estimated to be about $500k, based on her various social media accounts. She also works as a co-host on the popular podcast “Call Her Daddy”. Her social media presence and personal blog have led to a lucrative income for the actress. She has a loyal following on Instagram and has a large fan base, making her net worth more than $120,000.

Despite her fame, Sofia Franklyn has not revealed her parents or sources of income. As a popular social media personality, she is expected to make over $1.5 million by the end of 2022. Franklyn earns more than $35,000 monthly and has more than 750k followers on Instagram. In addition, she earns more than $500,000 per year from promoting adverts and business products on social media.

After finishing college, Sofia Franklyn began to blog about sex and travel. She shared a room with Alexandra Cooper, who hosts the famous podcast “Call Her Daddy.” In 2011, she and Cooper started a podcast, called ‘Call Her Daddy’, focused on sexual education and adventures. Their show has gained huge popularity and over 60,000 subscribers. Sofia Franklyn’s podcast has since surpassed a million subscribers.

Although Sofia Franklyn has no previous relationship, she is rumoured to be involved with an HBO Sports executive, Peter Nelson. Although their relationship has been very private, Sofia and Suitman have broken up, according to sources. However, their breakup was exacerbated by her illness, which led her to be quarantined with her mother in Utah. Furthermore, Sofia recently made a snarky remark about only having sons with a rich man.