What is Moka Only’s Net Worth?

Moka Only is a Canadian hip hop artist. He has released several albums under various record labels. His style is often described as psychedelic and abstract. He has given interviews and is a prolific writer. As of 2018, he has a net worth of $3.5 million. This is not the only way to find out his net worth. Keep reading to learn more about him. Listed below are his height and weight.


Born November 14, 1973, Daniel Jones Denton is an Artist from Langford, British Columbia. He has won three JUNO Awards, five MuchMusic Video Awards, and has been nominated for 11 Western Canadian Music Awards. He previously performed in the hip hop group Swollen Members, and briefly in the band Len. He released albums through Feelin’ Music and was a member of Swollen Members before signing with Battleaxe Records.

In 1995, Moka Only began flooding the Victoria music scene with music, earning the title of “The Most Prolific”. Initially, he self-released cassettes and vinyl records, but eventually signed album deals with various labels. As his solo career progressed, he gained a reputation as an accomplished emcee who rapped on topics ranging from hip hop to fashion. He also worked as a producer, mixing live instruments and sampling to create his own unique sounds.

Born on 14 November 1973, Moka Only made his debut in Victoria as a graffiti artist, later switching to freestyle rap with his partner K-Prevail. The two released a mixtape called Splitsphere, which showcased their freestyle talents. In 1994, Moka Only moved to San Diego to continue his rap career. After releasing a solo album, he met Mad Child and formed Swollen Members with K-Prevail.


Moka Only is a successful Musician from Canada. According to the latest reports, his net worth will rise to over $5 million in 2021-2022. The artist’s income mainly comes from being a successful Musician. But we cannot exclude the income he has received from his career as a Musician. You can read on to find out more about Moka Only’s net worth.

Moka Only was born in Langford, British Columbia, Canada, on November 14, 1973. He is 48 years old at the time of writing this biography. His zodiac sign is Scorpio, and his element is Water. His opposite sun sign is Taurus. In addition to his Musician career, he also has an acting career and is involved in various other projects. Only’s net worth is estimated at $5 million.

Daniel Denton is a Canadian singer-songwriter and musician. He was born in Langford, British Columbia, and now lives in Vancouver. He is the songwriter and singer for Moka Only. The singer-songwriter has released several albums on several labels. His music has received worldwide attention. The artist is known for his abstract and psychedelic style. In addition to his music, Moka Only has also given numerous interviews and is a member of the Feelin’ Music label.


If you’ve been wondering how much Moka Only is worth, you’re not alone. The artist has earned huge amounts of cash thanks to his career as a music producer and artist. His net worth is estimated to be in the three to five million dollar range, depending on how big the company is. However, the artist’s net worth might be a bit exaggerated as he often exaggerates his business numbers.

To determine his net worth, we have to know some basic facts about Moka Only. The first factor to know is his nationality and ethnicity. Although his nationality and ethnicity do not make much difference, the amount of money he has amassed over the years is still substantial. He is also a married man and has a young son. This information can help you determine whether to invest in the musician’s music.


Canadian hip hop artist Moka Only has won a handful of awards. He’s been nominated for three JUNO Awards, won five MuchMusic Video Awards, and has been nominated for eleven Western Canadian Music Awards. He’s also given a number of interviews. If you’d like to know more about this talented artist, read on. Listed below are some things you should know about him. This bio gives you a brief overview of his life and career.

The height and weight of Moka Only have been updated on his wiki profile. He’s 47 years old. The only thing he hasn’t updated is his dress size. As a child, he looked like an Inner. However, he’s changed to look more like a teenager in some of his appearances. If you’re curious about Moka’s height, weight, and dress size, then read on.

Married status

The Married Status of Moka Only is currently unknown. The net worth of Moka Only is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million dollars. He has earned his fortune through his primary career as a Musician. While he is still single, his net worth is increasing every year. Moka Only was born on 14 November 1973 in Langford, British Columbia. He is 48 years old and is still single.

The net worth of Moka Only is estimated to be $3 to $5 million, depending on his earnings. The singer earned millions in his career, but his earnings from his sneakers were exaggerated. However, it’s not hard to guess that Moka has a great deal of money to spend. In addition to his music career, Moka is also a successful model and he receives a basic income from his role in television and film.


Moka Only is a Canadian rapper and artist. He was born on November 14, 1973 in Langford, British Columbia. He is known for his abstract and psychedelic hip hop sound. As an artist, Moka Only has released several albums and has appeared in interviews. Moka Only’s net worth is estimated at $1 million to $5 million dollars. However, it is difficult to estimate his income. The most accurate estimate comes from his bio, which you can read here.

The first thing that you should know about Moka Only is his nationality and ethnicity. His wife and nationality are not known. This may be because he exaggerated the size of the business. However, he has a lot of money from his music career. The money that he makes from music is his primary source of income. Moreover, Moka Only is also very popular as a Musician.

Shoe size

The net worth of Moka Only is estimated at $1 million to $5 million dollars. The rapper is still alive and is a successful musician. Moka Only’s zodiac sign is Scorpio. The element of his sign is Water. His duality is Passive. His opposite sun sign is Taurus. So, it’s not surprising that the artist has a high net worth. Listed below are the most popular facts about the rapper.

The artist is known by many nicknames and aliases. His Associated Acts include Prevail, DAVE MAC, Lord Diamonds, and Abstract Rude. His net worth is $5 million. He is a successful Musician and makes his basic income from music. Listed below are some of his sources of income. We hope this information was helpful in helping you determine the net worth of Moka Only.

In October of 2018, Moka Only announced his retirement from rapping. However, he later announced his return to the music industry, claiming he wanted to focus on jazz and instrumentals. He also won the first RFR broadcast standards award in 2009.


Moka Only is a Canadian hip hop artist and freestyler. He is the creator of the term “freestyle”. Moka Only has recorded more than 40 albums, many of which have achieved international success. The artist has worked under different aliases, including Yung Fu and Daddy-O. He has also contributed to various musical collectives. A wiki is also available for Moka Only. It details the many accomplishments he has accumulated throughout his career.

The debut album by Moka Only was released in May 2008. The following year, he collaborated with rapper Chief. The two had first collaborated on tracks for Moka Only’s album Lockdown Suite II – The Box. They later collaborated on a song called “Crickets” for Chief’s Feelin’ Music label. After the collaboration, Moka Only released the album ‘The Box’.

Moka Only’s solo career is on the rise. He has previously worked with renowned US hip hop artists. He collaborated with J Dilla and MF Doom, and performed as a member of the band Swollen Members. He also won three Juno awards for Best Rap Recording and several MuchMusic Video Awards. His music has been nominated for numerous awards and is widely sought after. If you’re looking for the next great rap sensation, you can’t go wrong with Moka Only.