What is Dukhoon?

So you’re wondering what is dukhoon? Well, first you’ve probably heard of Bakhoor, Al Jazeera fragrance, and Dukhoon Al Haram in Incense. These are the most common kinds of fragrances for mosques and other Islamic sites. Here are the differences between the three fragrances:

what is dukhoon


This scent was widely used by the ancient Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks, among other cultures. It was shipped thousands of miles to Europe and traded there. Later, the ancient Egyptians used it in rituals. Biblical literature even mentions bakhoor. Bakhoor was among the fragrances presented to Nabi Essa. Today, it is commonly used during religious ceremonies by Muslims. Its fragrance is also known to aid meditation.

Agarwood, or Oud, is one of the primary ingredients in bakhoor. Using this aromatic wood in your home will enhance its aroma and leave your space smelling wonderful. A few pieces of the wood chip are soaked in the scented oil, so they will last longer. Depending on the type of wood and oil used, bakhoor may not contain agarwood. In many cases, synthetic aromatic compounds are used to create the oily look and scent of bakhoor.

To burn bakhoor, place the charcoal disc in an incense burner or Mabkhara. Use a lighter to create sparks that pass through the coal. Once the coal is hot enough to be burned, it will form ash and grey soot on top. Once this happens, place the Bakhoor chips on the charcoal disc. If you want to burn your bakhoor for a long time, you can use a traditional mabkhara burner.

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Al Jazeera fragrance

The Swiss arabian dukhoon al jazeera bakhoor is an exotic and sensual escape with floral, spicy and warm notes. Its blend of rose, oud, cardamom and clove is reminiscent of a romantic getaway. The aroma is complemented with warm and woody effects. The floral, spicy and woody notes create a heavenly aroma. The fragrance is perfect for a romantic evening out or a special day at home.

Dukhoon Al Jazeera incense is a wonderful way to evoke a sensual getaway, and the Swiss Arabian version has a floral, musky, and amber scent. It contains a variety of woody and aromatic notes, including rose, saffron, clove, and galbanum. It is a sensual fragrance, and can be worn for any occasion.

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Dukhoon Al Haram in Incense

This Swiss Arabian Bakhoor Dukhoon Al Haram in Incense is made specifically for use in ceramic dukhoon burners. It begins with notes of lemon and lavender before sinking into a rich mixture of Cypriot oil and sea salt. Then the fragrance fades away into a sweet, earthy, and spicy base. The fragrance lasts for several hours, until it fades away in the air.

This fragrant incense is unique, containing floral and citrus notes. The scent of this blend is reminiscent of a fresh morning dew. It is a refreshing fragrance that lingers for hours. Unlike other fragrances, this one does not have any artificial scents. The notes come from herbs found in nature, including calamansi fruit and lemon. The incense may vary in shape and design.

This Swiss Arabian Bakhoor Dukhoon Al Haram is a fruity fragrance that opens with notes of lemon and lavender. This fragrance gradually fades to a rich, dry base of rosewood and patchouli. It is a perfect blend for a night of worship. Unlike some other incense, Swiss Bakhoor Dukhoon Al Haram in Incense is made to be burned in ceramic dukhoon burners.