What is a 2002 Gold Quarter Worth?

What is a 2002 gold quarter worth? This official US gold bullion coin has a face value of $10. It is one of 62,027 coins struck in 2002. The reverse features a design by Augustus Saint-Gaudens of Lady Liberty, fifty stars representing the 50 states, and the American eagle holding an olive branch. The weight of these coins is guaranteed. The 2002 gold quarter has a mintage of 62,027 coins.

The value of a gold quarter depends on its condition. Generally, a pristine, uncirculated example is worth more than its circulating counterpart. Silver proof quarters are even more valuable. Fortunately, JM Bullion sells gold-plated quarters. It is not necessary to buy an unused silver proof to make your 2002 gold quarter worth more. These coins are also worth more than standard Louisiana state quarters.

If you want to invest in a gold coin, you can check out the state quarters program. This program was established in 1999 and has so far honored five different states. Each state quarter is individually encapsulated to ensure the finish is protected. The state quarters also come in a deluxe presentation box. It is worth at least $850 when in uncirculated condition. If you’re not sure what a 2002 gold quarter is worth, try out one of the online coin auction sites.

If you buy a 2002 gold quarter today, it’s possible to double or even triple its value. It’s still worth around $575-750, and in 2021, it’s expected to reach $2,300. However, the price of gold has historically risen during times of relative instability. Therefore, if you buy gold during the current bear market, you’ll stand to make a profit by buying gold coins.

The 1933 “Double eagle” was the highest-priced coin of all time, with the buyer unwilling to identify the seller. Another gold $20 coin was purchased for $7.59 million by Weitzman. The coin was estimated to fetch $10 to $15 million. Nonetheless, it’s still worth the risk. You can’t tell how much gold a particular gold coin will sell for in the future. That’s why you should keep your collection safe.

It’s important to remember that a genuine gold quarter is more valuable than a fake or gold-plated one. Genuine gold quarters contain more gold and should not be confused with quarter-eagles. A new gold coin was issued in 2016 to commemorate the centennial of the Standing Liberty quarter design. Only nineteen thousand seven hundred and fifty-five-two of these coins are in circulation, making it rare and special. It’s worth far more than the face value.

Although there are few collectors who collect gold-plated coins, the silver ones are relatively easy to find and can be sold for as much as their face value. Fortunately, gold-plated coins aren’t rare collectibles. They were marketed as such through magazine advertisements and TV infomercials. Although these quarters are not considered legal, they are still valued at face value by most coin collectors. So, if you’re wondering how much a 2002 gold quarter is worth, don’t worry!