What Does 10 WG Diamond Mean?

what does 10 wg diamond mean

There are several things to know about what does 10 WG diamond mean. You may be wondering if the weight represents the diamond’s weight. First of all, a ring with a 10 WG diamond weight is one made of white gold. White gold is composed of 10 parts yellow gold and 14 parts white metals, making it 41.7 percent pure gold. The other important thing to know about a 10 WG diamond weight is that it is also known by other names, including 585 and 417.

In addition to carat weight, you should also know the total weight of the diamond. CTW stands for Carat Total Weight, which is a measure of the total weight of a diamond. This value is very important because it can help you compare different diamonds side by side. Remember, a smaller diamond does not equal a one-carat stone, and a larger stone can cost more per carat than a smaller one.

Carat weight originated from a carob seed, which was used by early gem traders as counterweights. Nowadays, the carat weight remains the same in every corner of the globe. It is easy to see why half-carat and three-quarter-carat diamonds are considered magic sizes. Although the difference between 0.99 carat diamond and a full-carat diamond is minimal, the price differences can be substantial.