Varro Blair Mendez and Jennifer Lopez

varro blair mendez

Jennifer Lopez gave birth to her first child at the age of 39. Her son is named Varro Blair Mendez and was born on December 25, 2011. Her ex-husband is Jaime Mendez. The couple met in 1997 while Jennifer was acting as the daughter of John Marshall Jones in the movie Smart Guy. Interestingly, Lopez is only ten years younger than her ex-husband. Despite the age difference, the couple’s relationship is thriving, and their son is one of their many highlights.

Essence Atkins

The divorce has caused some confusion in the lives of Essence Atkins and Varro Blair Mendez. The two have been separated for over a decade. Essence’s divorce triggered a search for a new partner for her. But it turns out that she was right to pursue a new relationship. Essence has reportedly been enjoying the company of her new husband, who is a television star. Her son’s name is Varro, which means “durable and strong.”

While Essence Atkins is no longer married to her husband, the two have a successful co-parenting relationship. They shared their son together and were open about it. On their social media platforms, they often leave positive comments for each other. In fact, Essence Atkins has a regular Instagram account, which she uses to share photos of her son and husband. The two were married on September 26, 2009, and separated in 2016. Essence Atkins was born on February 7, 1972 in Youngstown, Ohio.

Jaime Mendez

Jaime Mendez is the father of actor Varro Blair Mendez and Jennifer Lopez. Their child was born on December 25, 2011. Mendez was raised by his single mother, Atkins. He is the son of Jaime Mendez and Essence Atkins. The pair were married in 2009. They are now separated. Earlier, Mendez was a sprinter on the high school track team and was a captain in the football team.

Jaime Mendez was born on February 20, 1971, in Youngstown, Ohio. This makes him one of the oldest actors in America. His parents are football players and an actress. Their son Varro Blair Mendez is a celebrity child. In fact, his parents are famous for their children. Mendez has a lot of fans who follow him around the web. He likes to spend time with his grandparents and spends weekends with them.


Celebrity parents are not always the best role models, but the mendez twins have definitely earned their status. Jaime Mendez, an actor, and Essence Atkins, an actress, are famous in their own right, but Varro Blair is a celebrity son. His parents are both recognized in the United States, and they love sharing adorable pictures of their children on social media. While Varro Blair’s parents seem to have the best intentions, their little boy is not without his own social media accounts.

The parents of Varro Blair Mendez were separated during her childhood. Essence Atkins, a popular actress and former reality TV star, raised him and his son in a middle-class family. Essence is a renowned television star and was married to Jaime Mendez in 2009. After seven years of marriage, the two separated, but remain close. Mendez and Atkins share a son, named Varro Blair.

Latin surname meaning “durable and strong”

The birth of her baby boy, Varro, has been a smooth experience, according to Essence Blair. The mother-to-be named her son after a college friend who died unexpectedly. Varro’s Latin surname means “durable and strong.”