Types of 1996 Close AM Coins

The most commonly found types of 1996 close AM coins are the wide am and closed am. The close am was the first version of the ad and the wide am was the second. The close am is more common among collectors and has a higher value than the wide am. The wide am was more popular for a long time because of its unique shape, but its limited production led to its obscurity. There are also three varieties: wide am, closed am, and commemorative close am.

The first kind is the close AM initials penny. You can easily recognize a 1996 close AM penny by its sloping rim. The other variety is the FG initials. You can look for these two varieties in a magnifying glass. Both the FG and close AM error pennies are worth between $15 and $20. In fine condition, you can easily determine which one is the close AM. However, in case of double die, you should keep in mind that a 1996 d close AM coin is worth less than $5, but in uncirculated condition, it can fetch you as much as $75 or $100.

In case you want to buy a rare and valuable 1996 Close AM cent, the best way to find one is to search eBay. There are many sellers online that offer them. You can also get a PCGS AU58. A 1992D Close AM PCGS AU58 recently sold for $3,550 on eBay. Another variety to look for is the 1998S Proof Strike Close AM. It is rarer than the 1999S, but not as rare.

The wide AM design was used on business strike cents from 1994 to 2008 but the wide AM was also common on proof reverse dies in 1998, 1999, and 2000. While the wide AM on business strikes is extremely rare, the close AM on proof cents is not as uncommon. These coins are considered valuable, but are not as valuable as the 1992 cent. There are also proof coins with the close AM design, which were struck with business strike dies in 1998.