Types of 1993 Nickel Errors

In this article I’ll discuss the different types of 1993 nickel errors. These coins have extremely low mintage values but are still worth a lot of money. If you find a 1993 P nickel with an error, it can be worth up to $4500 uncirculated. Even sets of them can sell for tens of thousands of dollars. The error value of these coins is based on the rarity of the coins. Listed below are some of the most popular varieties.

Common errors include cents on dime and nickels on cent planchets. Less common errors include the “mule,” a coin struck between two dies that were never intended to be used together. These coins are generally less valuable than those that are graded and have a certificate of authenticity. For more information about errors on nickels, visit nps.gov. You can also check out the history of 1993 nickel errors by reading about the different types of the coins.

Approximately 20,000 Jefferson nickels are estimated to exist. The mintmarks were still hand-punched onto working dies throughout much of the 20th century, making them very rare. The sharpness of 1942-D coins is a desirable gradation. Such coins are valued at $10 or more in circulated and uncirculated grades. Some of these coins are considered rare enough to warrant a premium price of more than $1,000.