Top Tips for Moving House

It is a fact that in the UK the average person will live in approximately eleven different homes during their lifetime. This value varies from country to country, but the fact remains that the first home any person lives in is unlikely to be their last. People move houses for a variety of reasons. It can be because of gaining a new job in a different location that would make commuting to the new place of work too time-consuming. In addition, when a couple decides to start a family, it is common to move into a larger home to accommodate the children. When your home has been successfully sold and the next step is to move your possessions to your new property, there are several factors to consider. This article explains three key considerations that will help make the often stressful act of moving home a more straightforward experience.

Plan Your Packing

Long before the removals company arrive to transport your possessions to the new property it is vitally important to thoroughly plan the packing stage of moving home. Planning your packing should be done to make unpacking at the new property as easy and stress-free as possible. Firstly, remember that it makes little sense to pack your possessions in no particular order. This will lead to extended periods of looking for specific items once you arrive at your new property. It is far better to box up items according to the room they will be placed in once unpacked. This simple tip can save hours, and by marking boxes with the rooms the items will go in, unpacking will be far easier.

Consider the Removal Company

Another top tip for moving home with a minimum of fuss is to shop around to find the best removals company to transport your goods. Your most valuable items will be transported, potentially across long distances, and you will want to be assured that they will get there in one piece. It is important to consider a range of removal companies before deciding on who will be used. Price will be the main consideration, so it is worth getting at least four or five quotes from companies to get a good idea of the range of prices that will be charged. After this, it is important to look for customer reviews from previous clients. is a good starting point as you can search by removals company as a category and then have access to detailed customer reviews on experiences of using specific removals companies.

Create Room Plans

As a final top tip, it can be hugely beneficial to map out a room plan for each room in your new home. Ideally, this should be done well ahead of moving day when you have time to look at your new property in detail. It is good practice to take a pen and paper and sketch out all the rooms. Consider where key pieces of furniture will be positioned in each room and where other important household items will be placed or stored. At this stage of preparations, it can also be valuable to measure the width and height of entrances to each room. This can save time and frustration when moving large pieces of furniture as it may become apparent that some items may not fit in their intended locations.

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