Top 10 Social Amenities of a Nation

list 10 social amenities

The basic social amenities of a nation are housing, potable water, power, security and job creation. As citizens, we expect our leaders to provide these to our people. Social amenities are a basic part of a nation’s infrastructure and serve to improve the quality of life for the citizens. These services are funded by taxes, so these things are critical to society’s development and upliftment. To meet this basic need, leaders must provide basic social amenities and implement policies to provide them.

While basic amenities are essential for a decent life, they also serve as the basis for economic growth. Hence, providing these basic amenities is crucial to a modern state. However, public finances and dedicated institutional arrangements have not been enough to provide these basic amenities to the poor and marginalized. Public investment in these amenities has been neglected for more than sixty years, and the result is that the rural poor are increasingly migrating to cities in search of better living conditions.

Providing affordable physical access to social amenities is essential to a healthy and prosperous society. There are several categories of these amenities. The basic ones are shelter, food, clean water, and sanitation, as well as health and educational services and psychosocial services. Infrastructural projects may be publicly funded, or be the result of public-private partnerships. While infrastructure is the base of a community, amenities are the elements that make the community a vibrant, dynamic, and united one.