The Value of Five Cents in 1973

If you want to know the value of five cents in 1973, you should learn about the Consumer Price Index. The index calculates various prices and gives you an idea of the inflation of a particular US dollar. A five cent coin in 1973 is worth $1.50 today, but the value will be different than that. Read on to find out more. Keeping up with the inflation rates is important for every individual. The value of your five cents has increased by more than a penny since the 1973 year.

The value of your three-cent 1973 Jefferson Nickel will depend on its grade and condition. Full steps coins are rare and will likely bring a higher price than those without full steps. Also, a coin’s grading will determine its value. Prices are often based on NGC and PCGS grade. Rare examples will often sell for less than six cents. For further details, you can visit