The Value of a 1993-D Nickel

The value of a 1993-D Jefferson Nickel will depend on several factors. These factors include the condition and grade of the coin, strike strength, and uncirculated raw examples. Uncirculated raw examples are relatively common and can be easily found in mint sets and bank rolls. Uncirculated coins in MS66 and MS67 grades are more difficult to find. An MS67 Full Steps example will command several hundred dollars. You can find a 1993-D nickel in uncirculated condition here, although the value of these coins is dependent on the grade.

The 1993-D Jefferson Nickel is a brilliant uncirculated coin with nice eye appeal. It is free of major marks or visible flaws. This nickel was chosen through a mint-sponsored contest in 1938. Its design is by Felix Schlag and features Jefferson’s profile on the obverse with the words IN GOD WE TRUST on the reverse. In addition, it shows the Jefferson’s home, Monticello.