The Spitting Eagle Morgan Silver Dollar

The ‘Spitting Eagle’ is one of the most popular varieties of Morgan silver dollar. It is a rare variety due to its raised line at the opening of the eagle’s beak. The raised line indicates deterioration in the coining die. The coins in this series are typically worth face value. However, a small percentage of these coins have high rarity values. The coin’s rarity is also a factor in the price of the coin.

Those coins with ‘Spitting Eagle’ dies are considered VAM3 Morgans. These Morgans are a special type. The CC mint mark is located on the obverse side. The obverse of the coin displays a profile of Lady Liberty. Morgan used a model of Miss Anna Williams, a Philadelphia banker, as his Liberty. The model’s feminine profile was said to be the most flattering of its kind. These Morgan silver dollars have a diameter of 38.1 mm.