The Scrumbles Pet Food Net Worth Continues to Rise

The Scrumbles pet food net worth has recently been soaring in recent weeks. The brand is made from naturally sourced products and is aimed at preventing digestive problems in cats and dogs. The company’s owners are Aneisha Soobrooyen and Jack Walker, who originally sought PS60,000 from investors to purchase a 10 percent stake. The owners’ net worth has also increased since their appearance on the show.

The Scrumbles company has been growing steadily over the past year and has recently benefited from a spike in revenues during the recent coronavirus crisis. Pet owners in the US and Canada have been placing orders for its products through the Scrumbles website. The brand also sells supplements and other products to aid the gut health of dogs and cats. As such, the Scrumbles pet food net worth continues to increase.

Jack Walker’s Scrumbles pet food net worth was also increasing in recent weeks. The pair made an appearance on the TV show’s popular Dragons’ Den show in 2019 and showcased their company. The show’s host, Deborah Meaden, was interested in investing in the venture, but the pair turned down the investment offer. Despite their failure, they said that they would be willing to come back on the show.

The Scrumbles pet food net worth has grown exponentially over the past few years. The natural dog and cat food company is now a global player in the pet food industry, with a reputation for quality food. Several successful brands have emerged from Scrumbles, including the award-winning Softie Vegan Training Treats. The new plant-based treats are gluten-free and gut-friendly. Unlike the traditional kibbles, Scrumbles’ vegan dog food products are free of GMO ingredients.