The Net Worth of Drew Pritchard

Drew Pritchard is the host of the television program Salvage Hunters. He is also a trained stained glass restorer. In addition to this, he also collects vintage cars and motorcycles. Aside from this, he has a son named Tom.

Drew Pritchard is a British architectural antique dealer. He also runs an antique shop in Llandudno, Wales. There, he sells his antiques to the public. The shop has also traded antique items worldwide. However, it will be closed permanently in May 2022. It is hoped that Drew will find a new location for the shop.

According to the net worth of Drew Pritchard, his net income is estimated to be $9 million. His success is due to his antique restoration business. Since the show is aired on Quest TV, the shows are viewed in over 32 countries.

When he was still a teenager, Drew started collecting antiques. This was when he learned how to repair stained glass windows. During this time, he also had his first car. He bought the first car when he was 15 years old. That was a ’67 911 Porsche.

When he was 25, he got his own house. His first house was in the Methodist chapel in Conwy, Wales. Although the house had no electricity, he was able to find some antiques to use for the house. After this, he had a passion for restoring antiques. Eventually, he bought a house in the town of Llansanffraid Glan in Conwy, Wales.

He and his wife Rebecca, who is also a member of the show, have several children. As of today, they have been divorced. But they remain close friends and are still working together. They have also managed to profit from their involvement in the TV show.

He has an estimated net worth of $8 million. It is said that he has been paid $120,000 per episode of the show. On top of this, his antique restoration business is also successful. Besides this, he has also refurbished several autos. Moreover, his son and daughter assist him in the operations of the business.

Despite his success, he still finds time to travel around the country looking for antiques and derelict relics. Drew has also donated rare antiques to the National Trust.

Among his many accomplishments, Drew Pritchard is a famous host of the TV show Salvage Hunters. He is also credited for his restoration work on vintage cars and motorcycles. Currently, he is the owner of DP Vintage with his industry partner Clive Holland.

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Though Drew Pritchard is not married, he has not found a new woman. Nevertheless, he has two kids with his ex-wife, Rebecca. Their son is named Tom and their daughter is yet to be born. Several children are also reported to be living with them.

Drew and his wife, Rebecca, were also divorced in 2017. Nonetheless, they continue to be good friends and have been working together for their antique restoration business. Nevertheless, their marriage did not last long because of their extramarital affairs.

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