The Highest Net Worth NFL Team

As far as NFL franchise values go, the Dallas Cowboys are the richest. With a total value of $6.5 billion, they are nearly 1.5 times more valuable than the second most valuable team, the New England Patriots. And they’re not far behind. In fact, the Cowboys’ stadium and practice facility alone cost nearly $1 billion. But their value doesn’t end there. The team has also been able to increase their fan base and have a lucrative business model.

The Dallas Cowboys have topped the list for 15 straight years, according to Forbes. The team has over $280 million to spend, which makes it the richest NFL team. The Cowboys have led the league’s rich list for 15 years, and last season were $1.5 billion ahead of their nearest rivals. They’re also one of the most profitable franchises in the league, with a market value of $6.5 billion.

The Green Bay Packers are another high-profile NFL team. Founded in Baltimore, Minnesota’s franchise relocated to Indianapolis in 1984. They’ve won two conference championships and a Super Bowl since their inception in 1960. While their net worth is modest, they have been a dominant force in the Super Bowl over the last decade, taking home six championships under the leadership of legendary quarterback Tom Brady. Their net worth is estimated to top $5 billion by 2020.

The Falcons have a mediocre record. They lost the Super Bowl to the Buccaneers in last year’s playoffs. The Cardinals, on the other hand, play in a difficult NFC West. However, they’ve brought in blue chip veterans in the off-season, including three-time Defensive Player of the Year J.J. Watt and wide receiver A.J. Green. Both of these players are under contract for a decade.

The Texans and Rams are still among the richest franchises. They’ve increased their value by a billion dollars in the last year. The Giants are also close to that number, with an estimated $519 million in revenue this year. And the 49ers have risen to the top five since 2014. While they may never be as profitable as the Cowboys, their value is still among the highest in the league.

As a result, the NFL is still a good investment. While the COVID-19 pandemic led to a 20% decline in revenue last year, it didn’t affect the team’s value. In the latest Forbes study, the average NFL team’s value increased by 14% over the past year, thanks in part to their $112.6 billion deal with media partners. The Washington Football Team rounded out the top four.

The Dallas Cowboys are owned by the same family as the New York Giants. Jerry Jones purchased the Cowboys in 1989 for 140 million dollars, and has since built his team’s value to 6.5 billion. The Cowboys’ ownership has also helped to expand the NFL’s brand, as well as the league’s revenue. Meanwhile, Stan Kroenke began making money in the real estate world. He started off buying apartment complexes and shopping centers and later went on to purchase many professional sports teams.

The Denver Broncos are also owned by Pat Bowlen, whose father was a millionaire in the oil business. In 2004, he sold the team to current CEO Joe Ellis, and is selling it to new owners. Art Rooney II’s grandfather purchased the Pittsburgh Steelers back in 1933 and made most of his money from it. He also owns the Atlanta Falcons. In addition to this, many other NFL teams have been owned by his family.