The Drooling Washington Quarter

There’s a very good reason why Washington quarters have become a symbol of America. The quarter dollar, or 25-cent piece, was first issued in 1932. Sculptor John Flanagan was responsible for designing the quarter, which became a worldwide symbol of Washington’s greatness. While there are many varieties, you can find some that are worth more than others. If you’re interested in learning more about this coin, this article is for you!

A little background on the design: the Standing Liberty quarter originally contained 6.25 grams of 90% silver, but that was changed to cupronickel in 1964. In the same year, the design was used on a commemorative half-eagle and the New Hampshire quarter featured the Old Man of the Mountain, which collapsed in 2003. Other notable figures on the quarter include the Wright Brothers and Neil Armstrong, as well as John Glenn.

The obverse is also affected. The obverse has a distinctive design flaw called the drooling error. It appears across different mints and is known as a herpes-like herpes design flaw. These issues can be attributed to a flaw in the design of the Washington quarter by coin collectors. This is an unintended result of the Fraser-era process and has caused some coins to be worthless.

Some Washington quarters are extremely rare. A rare coin from 1932 sold on eBay for nearly six hundred dollars. It was struck on a Jefferson nickel instead of a Washington nickel. Other rare Washington quarters from the year 1932 have sold for as much as $13,573 on eBay. These coins are the most valuable, but collectors must be vigilant and keep an eye on pocket change! This article will explore some of the more rare Washington quarters and tell you why they are so important for American coin collectors.