The Dougherty Dozen Net Worth

Alicia and Josh Dougherty are a couple of custom curriculum educators who live in Pittsford, New York. They are the proud parents of ten children including four natural and six adopted. Having experienced 11 miscarriages and infertility, they decided to try their hand at foster parenting. The Doughertys have made a name for themselves in the adoption world, and their TikTok and YouTube channels are well worth a look.

The Dougherty Dozen

One of the most popular family video sharing sites is TikTok, where the Dougherty Dozen boasts over 5.5 million followers and more than 1.15M subscribers. They also have a YouTube channel with about 900K subscribers and 63 million monthly views.

They are also known for their videos on the newest iPhone and Apple Watch. The most popular videos on the Dougherty Dozen’s YouTube channel include a gif that has more than 1.3 million views and a vlog showcasing their poop buckets.

The dougherty dozen has a net worth of over $100K USD, most of which comes from their YouTube channels. They are best known for their vlogs, and they also make a nice profit from paid partnership marketing on TikTok. They are also credited with coming up with the TikTok foxy and the ti-mo swan.

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