The 2004 Iowa P Quarter

A collector can find a variety of items in the state of Iowa, but one of the most interesting items on the Iowa dollar is the state quarter, or “P.” The P quarter was minted in 2004 and features the state’s flag and motto, and is considered a proof coin. The value of a proof coin depends on the condition of the piece, and the price depends on its grade. This article will give you a general idea of the value of this coin, and the reasons why you should collect it.

The Iowa state quarter is the fourth of five coins from the 2004 set of America’s State Quarters. It was also the 29th coin in the overall collection. This coin features a one-room schoolhouse with a teacher and students planting a tree, and the phrase “Foundation in Education” reflects the state’s commitment to education. This coin is an uncirculated proof from the Denver Mint. It is recommended that you store it in an airtight coin holder or a similar protective case.

If you find a worn out Iowa State Quarter, it is probably worth only about $0.25. However, it’s worth much more if you find a MS63 or better. Uncirculated quarters with MS64 grades can be worth as much as $15. If you’re interested in purchasing a rare coin, you should look for one with a higher grade. Otherwise, a normal circulated Iowa State Quarter is worth $0.25, and you can spend it, save it, or take it to the bank.

Another value-packed Iowa state quarter is the MS-65 certified coin. These coins are worth a lot, and are well worth putting on display. However, if you can find a high-grade MS-65 coin for a reasonable price, you should purchase one now. The low price makes this a great deal. If you’re interested in buying a high-quality proof or BU state quarter, there are many options to choose from.

A 2004-P is the last of the State Quarters to be produced. It depicts a sweeping mountain range with evergreen trees and the inscription “COLORFUL COLORADO.” In addition, the coin depicts the inscription “1876.” The Rocky Mountains in Colorado are a majestic place to visit. A 2006-P or D Ohio quarter will sell for $0.30 in MS 63 grade and for $1.50 in MS65 grade.