The 12 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Mexico

There are some spectacular waterfalls in Mexico. A few of the most beautiful are Cascada de Tamul, Hierve el Agua, and Pozas Azules. These are just a few of the many places you can visit during your Mexico vacation. Hopefully these waterfalls will inspire you to travel to Mexico! Read on to discover more. Here are the 12 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Mexico.

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Pozas Azules

Visitors to Pozas Azules can enjoy a refreshing swim in the natural pool, or take a zip line and explore the cave below. The waterfall is 25 metres tall and cascades down in the shape of a horse’s tail. The trail is cobblestoned, so it’s easy to walk on. It’s also possible to rent a horse and carriage for a couple of pesos.

While in the area, visitors can enjoy shopping in Taxco, a small town surrounded by incredible natural beauty. It is worth a visit to explore the city’s markets and visit the Pozas Azules. While in Taxco, you’ll also want to see the nearby Grutas de Cacahuamilpa. These two waterfalls are among Mexico’s 12 most beautiful, and they’re easy to get to with a local guide.

Cascada de Tamul

Hikers who want to visit the beautiful waterfall Cascada de Tamul should bring a guide with them. Hiking in the Cascada de Tamul trail starts in the shade and ends in the sun. Hikers should also bring their own sunscreen and bug repellent. Cascada de Tamul can be a difficult hike, but the waterfall is well worth the effort. In the afternoon, you can enjoy the swimming pool or hike back to the entrance.

You can also rent a panga to visit the waterfalls. A panga costs 150 pesos per person, or $30 USD for the whole boat. These boats can carry up to 20 people and are much larger than standard canoes. There are several tours available, including one that includes rappelling from the side of the waterfall. Cascada de Tamul is accessible from Aquismon and Ciudad Valles.

Cascadas El Chiflon

For the ultimate nature experience, take a trip to the Cascadas El Chiflon in Chiapas, Mexico. This spectacular park features five waterfalls, each spanning over 220 feet, and has zip lines, swimming areas, and camping available. While in the park, you can hike and go zip-lining or take a day tour. If you have time, you can also enjoy the scenic views while hiking.

If you want to get there by bus, you can take a public bus from San Cristobal de las Casas to Comitan and then take a colectivo from there. Many of these tours also include a visit to Montebello Lakes. If you’d like to stay overnight, you can rent a car in Comitan and drive to the waterfalls yourself.

Hierve el Agua

One of Mexico’s most impressive waterfalls, Hierve el Agua is located in central Oaxaca. The water that cascades over the waterfall appears as if it has been frozen. The water is made of calcium carbonate and magnesium and has formed into a waterfall and two natural mineral pools. Many tourists and locals alike come to enjoy this breathtaking sight.

The conflict over the nature reserve has led to several closures and a stalemate between the state and the local community. In 2006, the state mediated to end the conflict by offering the locals revenue from ticket sales. However, the dispute continues and the state seized the site in 2019.

Villa Luz

If you love the water, Villa Luz is a must-see destination in Mexico. This 25-meter high waterfall cascades down in the shape of a horse’s tail. The waterfall is accessible by a short hike or by renting a horse and carriage. Admission is only 40 pesos, but the trip can be even more memorable if you go ziplining.

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In addition to the waterfall, Villa Luz is an extensive jungle park, complete with monkeys, blind sardines living in caves, and wobbly bridges. You can even take a boat ride to the waterfall from the village’s embarcadero. While the ride is a bit more challenging than driving, it’s definitely worth the trip. Local boys may whistle the boat up for you, so be prepared for the unexpected.

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