Sylvia Pasquel Net Worth 2022

The Mexican actress Silvia Pasquel is a famous actress, and she is known for her appearance in a number of television shows and telenovelas. She began her career as a child and has earned a good amount of fame. In fact, she is one of the most popular actors in the world.

Sylvia Pasquel was born in Mexico City, and she is 73 years old now. At the moment, she is married to Rodolfo Soberanis. They have two children together. One of their children is Michelle, who is a Mexican actress.

As a child, she was raised with her three sisters. Her parents were also famous actors. Her father was Rafael Banquets and her mother was Isabel. After her father’s death, she was raised by her mother’s husband, Gustavo Alatriste. During the 1960s, she was a famous actress. Eventually, she met the actor Gustavo Alatriste and fell in love with him. However, they divorced in 1967. Their daughter, Viridiana, was born in 1963.

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Before her marriage with Gustavo, she was dating Mick Salas. This is the reason why she had not been married for some time. When she was 17, she started to fall in love with Gustavo. Initially, she was not happy with the relationship. But as she grew older, she started to like him and finally had her first child, a girl named Viridiana, with him in 1963.

The following year, she was seen with the famous wrestler, Blue Demon, in a film called Atlantis. After this, she had a huge breakthrough in her career. She starred in a number of films. She became an iconic figure in the Mexican film industry.

Apart from her acting skills, she was also known for her talent in modeling. She has appeared in many advertisements. In addition to this, she was awarded the Premios ACE Award for her work in the film ”Santo vs. Blue Demon”.

Since her debut, she has been in a good number of telenovelas and movies. She has gained popularity in other countries too. She has a net worth of around $9 million. And it is estimated that her net worth will increase to at least $20 million in 2022. There is no exact information about her salary or income. Nevertheless, she has social media accounts and can be found on various official sites. Besides, she is very active on Twitter and Facebook.

Apart from her role as an actress, she has been a guest artist in several Mexican television shows. One of them is ”Siempre reinas”, which is a show on netflix. It is said that she has four kids, but this is not confirmed.

Sylvia Pasquel is currently married to Rodolfo Soberanis. However, she has had two previous marriages. Her first husband was Enrique Guzman and her second was Tulio Hernandez Gomez. She has also been linked to Michelle Salas, a fellow actress. Although she is not a full-fledged mother, her kids are adorable.

The Mexican actress, Silvia Pasquel, is a good influence on many people through her works.

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