What Is SoundCloud? How Can You Use It?

When you browse Soundcloud, you will notice that there are several features that can help you get the most out of your account. You can listen to the top tracks or to the ones that get the most plays or comments. These features help you find the best material to share with your followers, and you can also easily identify the genre, artist, and sub-genre of a track.

SoundCloud Premier

SoundCloud Premier is an exclusive level of membership, which enables SoundCloud artists to earn monthly direct payments and be discovered and monetized by select partners. SoundCloud Premier members also have direct access to their fans and receive real-time feedback from the SoundCloud community. Among the benefits of this new feature is the ability to publish new tracks immediately.

The Premier program is available to hundreds of thousands of creators who upload and monetize their music on the platform. However, it has a strict set of terms and conditions, which may not benefit many artists. Several terms, including indefinite payment dates, weak payment terms, and mandatory arbitration clauses, are not in the best interest of artists. Moreover, artists are required to waive their legal rights in case of disputes.

Repost Select

If you are a music creator and want to maximize your visibility and revenue, you can join Repost by SoundCloud, which will allow you to keep 100% of the royalties you make through SoundCloud and 80% from other music services. It also offers premium services to help artists get more exposure and get more plays on streaming platforms. For example, Repost Select members have access to an artist manager and receive tailor-made marketing support. They also get quicker placement on DSPs and are considered for their $10 million artist accelerator fund.

In April, Repost added an opportunity for artists to distribute their music through rival streaming services. With the launch of Repost Premier, the company hopes to further expand their reach by empowering musicians to reach an even larger audience. The company also announced that it would invest $15 million into helping creatives expand their music beyond SoundCloud.

SoundCloud Go+

You can download the SoundCloud Go+ app for Android and iOS and use it offline to listen to tracks on your mobile device. This new version of the app allows you to enjoy ad-free music, unlimited offline listening, and select DJ integrations. The app is free to download for 30 days, and you can get half-off its price if you’re a subscriber to SoundCloud Pro Unlimited.

SoundCloud Go+ is available in 19 countries and costs $9.99 per month. Students can get it for $4.99 per month for up to four years. The service offers ad-free offline listening and high-quality audio streaming. It automatically switches streaming quality based on the user’s connection.


Purchasing a Repost on SoundCloud is an excellent way to increase your profile on this music-sharing site. Most services on SoundCloud are free, but you can also pay to get extra benefits. For example, a premium membership on SoundCloud can include unlimited uploads and engagement rate analytics. While SoundCloud’s free version is more comprehensive than many music apps, it can be helpful to purchase reposts to increase your profile’s exposure.

Re-reposts allow your music to appear in the SoundCloud feed repeatedly. This is extremely helpful for international SoundCloud profiles. These posts also increase your profile’s reach, which is the ultimate goal of any artist.

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Song commenting feature

SoundCloud has added a song commenting feature to its mobile app, and it is available on Android and iOS. The new commenting feature is more intuitive and boasts better navigation. The announcement video for the feature highlights Queen Naija and D.R.A.M. SoundCloud also shared some of the most popular comments, and they are much more heartwarming than you might expect.

SoundCloud song commenting is an integral part of the service, a way to get feedback from your fans. You can post comments on specific timestamps and lines of a song. You can also reply to other users’ comments. The replies are displayed on a waveform, allowing you to see if your message was well-received.

Paying for music on SoundCloud

The streaming service SoundCloud is preparing to add a new payment model for artists, enabling fans to directly pay artists for their music. If successful, the new system could create a new precedent for the streaming industry. Billboard reports that SoundCloud is considering the idea, citing multiple sources.

Similar to YouTube, SoundCloud allows users to upload music and get it in front of fans. However, its pricing model is complicated and is susceptible to being abused. In addition, it does not offer a shared plan, which makes it harder for bands to make a profit on the site. Nevertheless, SoundCloud is an excellent platform for up-and-coming artists, who can upload music and get exposure.

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