Selling 1970s Valuable Pennies

You may have recently purchased a 1969 D penny, but are you wondering if it is worth anything? If you have a pair of eyes, then the answer is yes, you should consider selling it! A rare 1969 D penny is worth about $1,700! And what makes it so valuable? Listed below are a few of the reasons. These coins were once worth pennies a century ago! Listed below are some of the reasons that they are valuable to collectors.

There are three types of coins that you should consider buying. A 1970 S Small Date Penny is worth $10 in circulated brown. A 1970 S Lincoln Cent Penny is worth around $35 in red/brown. A 1970 S Small Date Lincoln Cent Penny is worth about $700! It has a weak LIBERTY and an inner looped 9 on its reverse. The luster and condition of these coins will depend on whether they are circulated or not.

Another type of coin to consider purchasing is a 1970-S quarter. It was struck over a silver Canadian quarter and features Washington’s neck. This particular coin sold for $7,800 in August 2020, and has a brassy look. A 1970-S quarter made in Philadelphia in 1970 is valuable. It can be worth as much as $35,000.

There are also two varieties of 1970-S pennies. The 1970-S Small Date is the most valuable type, as its date is small and centered. The 1970-S Large Date is the third-most scarce major double-die penny, with only 50 known to exist. It features doubled inscriptions and dates. These coins are incredibly rare, and they can be highly valuable! They are also highly collectible, so don’t let the date fool you!

A 1970 Lincoln penny, on the other hand, is less valuable than a 1960 or earlier Lincoln one. It will sell for a premium if it’s in perfect condition, but you won’t make much from a 1970 Lincoln penny unless it’s uncirculated. It is possible to buy and sell uncirculated 1970 pennies, but they’re rarer than those from the 1960s. It’s also important to remember that you can buy error coins and variety coins from bank rolls.

Another important distinction in 1970s pennies is the date. The 1970-D penny has a larger date than the other Lincoln cent dates, and its reverse design is unique. The 1970-S Lincoln pennies are minted at the San Francisco Mint and Denver Mint. As a result, they are the most collectible and rarest of all Lincoln Memorial pennies. They can be found in a number of varieties, including proofs, and can be worth a considerable amount of money.

The D penny is a transitional error. The original 1982 D penny was made of copper, while the “small date” Lincoln cent was produced with zinc. Because of this transition, the entire run of 250,000 pennies was made in this way. The Close AM penny is much easier to locate than the 1969 Doubled Die. You can also find a 1972-D penny for a penny’s worth of copper. This particular 1970-D quarter is also rare and valuable.

The most valuable pennies in the 1970s are those with large dates, such as eagles and buffaloes. The more significant the variety, the higher the price. For example, a 1957-S Wheat Cent with its eagle design is valued at $1,350, while a 1968-DCAM with a small mistake is worth about $450. Those with a larger collection may want to consider buying a 1970s S large date, which has an uncirculated value of $20.

A third option is a deep Cameo coin. Deep Cameo coins have an exceptional mirrored finish and are rarer than proofs. However, they will probably cost more than a regular 1970s penny. And as a reminder, the 1970s were the greatest decade for pennies! There was even a silver dollar in the 1970s! When it comes to buying valuable pennies, a good evaluation is important!