How Much Can I Sell My PS4 Pro For?

You can find a number of places that will pay you money for your PlayStation 4 or PS4 Pro. Some of these options are located in your local area, while others are available online. You should check with several websites before deciding where to sell your PS4. Most of these websites will allow you to check out their pricing, so you’ll know how much you can expect when selling your old gaming console.

You can also look online for websites that buy old PlayStations. Some reputable websites offer instant payments and free shipping. Others, like Decluttr, will pay you via PayPal or direct deposit. If you are not able to sell your PS4 in a local store, you can try out SellBroke. This website is a good choice for selling your PS4 Pro, since it will offer you cash for it if you’re willing to ship it.

PS4 prices vary greatly depending on the model. A 500GB version will be worth more than a 1TB version. Accessories can increase the price as well. If you have extra power supplies and controllers, you can sell them separately. A 1TB PlayStation, for example, will sell for between $200 and $250 on eBay or other online marketplaces. Remember, though, to be truthful about its condition.

In addition to selling on eBay, you can try other selling methods as well. Some websites allow local pickup, which is an option if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of eBay. Another option is to use an app like Shpock. This website allows users to sell PS4s by uploading pictures and a description. People searching for a PS4 can easily find a seller in the app.

The price of a used PS4 depends on its condition, features, and market. If you want to get the most money for your Playstation, aim for about $250 to $300. Obviously, this isn’t a definitive number, and different pawn shops have different prices, so it’s best to check with various retailers before selling your used PS4 on eBay.

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Selling a PS4 on eBay can be an option, but you should keep in mind that selling a PS4 is an expensive process and can be difficult if you don’t know how to do it. Many sites are willing to offer more than $200 for your used PS4 Pro, so make sure you check your options carefully.