Sally Ozcan Net Worth and YouTube Earnings

Sally Ozcan is a popular YouTube star who makes videos for cooking and baking. She began her YouTube channel in 2012. Her recipes are popular in Germany and her videos are widely watched. Her YouTube earnings have made her a multi-millionaire.

The YouTube star’s first video was posted in 2012. It was her first video, and she explains how to make cakes and bakes. Before launching her YouTube channel, she was studying to be a teacher. Despite not being accepted into a teaching job, she soon found herself with a large subscriber base and a thriving online shop. She has also started appearing on German television and has a print magazine in the works.

Today, Saliha Ozcan has a flagship store in Mannheim, Germany. The store will sell cooking and baking equipment, as well as Kitchenaid mixing machines. Although initially reluctant to partner with the aspiring YouTuber, Kitchenaid is now one of her biggest advertising partners.