Rosmeri Marval – Venezuelan Actress, Model, and Social Media Influencer

Rosmeri Marval is a Venezuelan actress and model. She gained international recognition in 2007 as the antagonist in the hit Venevision series Somos t yo. Since then, Marval has had countless acting and modeling opportunities. Recently, she starred in the film Entre tu amor y mi amor. Read on to find out more about this talented woman! Here’s a brief bio of Marval.

Rosmeri Marval is a Venezuelan actress

Known for her role as an antagonist in the Venevision series Somos t yo, Rosmeri Marval has also been a model. She rose to fame in 2007 when she appeared in the hit Venevision series Somos t yo, but has since enjoyed several modeling and acting opportunities. Her most recent film role was in the 2013 thriller Entre tu amor y mi amor.

Born on December 18, 1991, Rosmeri Marval has a net worth of $2 million as of 2021. Her earnings come from a variety of sources, including acting, modeling, commercials, brand promotion, and other businesses. Rosmeri Marval is a Venezuelan actress who began her acting career in 2007. She is 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 54 kg. She is also in a relationship with model Aran de las Casas.

She is a model

Venezuelan actress Rosmeri Marval was born on December 18, 1991. She has had numerous acting and modeling jobs since her debut in the 2007 hit Somos tu yo. She has also starred in Valgame Dios and Amor secreto. In addition, she has also been a guest star in the Spanish language movie, In the Name of Love. The model is a native of Caracas, Venezuela.

Before becoming an actress, Rosmeri began modeling in her home country, Venezuela. She rose to fame through television appearances in reality shows like ‘Somos tu yo’ and ‘Valgame Dios.’ She has also been married to actor Aran De Las Casas. She has numerous followers on various social media platforms. She is an active member of Twitter and Facebook, and she often posts pictures and videos of herself on her accounts.

She is a social media influencer

The 29-year-old Venezuelan model and social media influencer is married to Aran de las Casas, a renowned actor and musician. Born in Los Teques, Miranda, Marval is known for her love of fashion. She founded her own hair product brand, Buy By Ros, and is also an ambassador for Bang Energy drinks. Her favorite colors are white and grey. She enjoys traveling, fishing, and horseback riding.

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She is a fashion, makeup, and fitness enthusiast

Born in Los Teques, Miranda, Venezuela, Rosmeri Marval is a model, actress, and social media influencer. She has been signed to several modeling agencies and has posed for many brands including skincare, sports, and makeup. Rosmeri is the founder of Buy By Ros, a hair product line. She is also an official brand ambassador for the Bang Energy drink brand.