Rebecca Kleefisch Net Worth

The net worth of Rebecca Kleefisch is estimated to be $1 million – $3 million as of 2022. This is an impressive figure and has been made possible by her successful career as a Politician.

She is a politician and was elected as the 43rd Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin in 2010. She has also served as a member of the House of Representatives for the 38th District, which is located in Oconomowoc.

According to her personal bio, she is married to Joel Kleefisch and they live in a house that is for sale. The property is 2,636 square feet and is located in the town of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.

Her husband, Joel, is a state rep and has been in politics for 22 years. He has made a lot of money from his career and has been living a comfortable life with his wife.

He also loves hunting and posts about his adventures on social media. He has an account on Instagram under the handle @Kleefischjoel and is also active on Twitter as well.

Rebecca Kleefisch is a conservative politician who has raised $3.3 million dollars since she launched her gubernatorial campaign back in September.

The former lieutenant governor, who is seeking the GOP nomination for Wisconsin’s governorship, said she has a “strong record of fighting for conservative values” and is working to build “grassroots support” in the state. She has also been endorsed by the Milwaukee Police Association, Wisconsin Right to Life and more than 30 sheriffs in the state.

She is a breast cancer survivor and has also been a longtime advocate for women’s rights. She has been a strong supporter of school choice and charter schools, as well as domestic violence victims.

Kleefisch is a Republican and was elected as the lieutenant governor of Wisconsin in 2010 on a ticket with Scott Walker. She is a candidate for the governorship in 2022.

Her political views are a blend of both conservative and libertarian ideas. She supports school choice, charter schools and other initiatives to improve education in the state.

She believes that Wisconsin needs to cut its income tax and move toward a flat tax rate, as opposed to a graduated system that increases the size of each paycheck. She also believes that the state should eliminate its personal property tax, as well as usher in a new round of welfare reform to get people back to work.

In an interview with The Center Square, she outlined her detailed plan to lower taxes for Wisconsin families and make the state’s tax climate one of the best in the Midwest. She also signed the Americans for Tax Reform Taxpayer Protection Pledge, memorializing her commitment to oppose any net tax increase if elected.

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A recent poll conducted by the Public Policy Forum showed that Tim Michels has a narrow lead over Rebecca Kleefisch in the Wisconsin GOP primary, but she is still in a strong position to win the general election. In addition, a new political action committee has been formed by a longtime Republican operative to help her win the governorship.

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