Rare 1941-D D Over S and Jefferson Nickel Errors

It’s possible to find interesting overmintmarks on US coins. Here are several examples. Listed below are the two most common overmintmark varieties. Listed in order of rarity, the first is the most common: the 1941-D D over S. This nickel error was caused by a re-numerization mistake. A nickel with an overdate is rare but still worth some money. A coin with an overdate is worth a minimum of $150 in uncirculated condition.

Another type of error is known as an interior die break. This error affects the design rim and does not add much value to the coin. A Jefferson nickel with an interior die break is known as a “beehive error.” This error is so rare that it has earned some collectors incredible profits. However, it’s difficult to pinpoint the precise cause of an interior die break. If you’re interested in a nickel with an interior die break, check out the history of the coin.