“Q Tal Si Te Enamoras De Las Locumas Mia?”

‘Q tal si te enamores de las locuras mia?’ is a new song by Colombian singer Silvestre Dangond. It is a tribute to Colombian vallenato music and is an emotional song. In fact, the song was originally intended to be published on his birthday, but he had to postpone its release due to pandemia.

Originally sung by Colombian singer Silvestre Dangond, Omar Chaparro has brought his mariachi-infused vocals to the song. The song is an homage to the culture of Colombia, a country that has a proud history of blending colombiano vallenato with Mariachi. ‘Q tal si te enamoras de las locuras mias’ has a unique sound that’s not easily reproduced.

The lyrics are also a tribute to the enchantment that comes with meeting and falling in love with the nocturnal creatures. Chaparro’s lyrics are hilarious, and his music is an excellent combination of classical and folk elements. The lyrics are filled with rich, emotional details. As with many of the enchanting songs in the “Las Locuras Mias” soundtrack, the music is an excellent accompaniment to the story.