Playmobil How to Train Your Dragon Sets

The playmobil how to train your dragon set is a fun and entertaining way to introduce your child to the world of fantasy. Each of the four playsets in this series has a unique theme and is sure to make your child’s imagination soar! The characters include Snotlout, Hookfang, Astrid, Grimmel, and More. You can also discover more playmobil products by reading the guidebook that comes with the playset.


The PLAYMOBIL how to train your dragon sets include a rider and a fierce warrior. Hookfang and Snotlout are both fierce and a combination of their combat experience makes them the perfect team to battle the enemies of Berk. The kits come with everything you need to train your dragon and have it ready to go. You can also add the Hookfang set or the Playmobil set Grobber with a Sheep Sling.


The PLAYMOBIL How to Train Your Dragon set includes two characters: Snotlout the rider and Hookfang the dragon. Both characters have unique personalities and skills that combine to defeat enemies. Snotlout is a show off and can ride the headstrong dragon Hookfang. Snotlout can also use his Viking helmet and shield to mount the headstrong dragon. Both characters can ride their own dragons or combine them with other Playmobil characters.

Several of the How to Train Your Dragon toys were easy to assemble and come with clear photo instructions. With only a few simple steps, kids were able to assemble and fly in no time. The Playmobil How to Train Your Dragon Set included a two-story fortress and Hookfang and Snotlout, a two-story dragon. These dragon figures can also be used to practice their skills with the built-in catapult, crossbow, and pulley.

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The Playmobil How to Train Astrid game set contains Astrid, Stormfly, and the prized white sheep. The playset features an authentic storybook setting, and includes 21 pieces. Astrid wears a romantic wedding robe, while Hiccup is decked out in a white wedding suit, complete with a golden Viking necklace and fur cape. The game set is compatible with other Playmobil sets, sold separately.

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If you’re interested in collecting figurines from the popular How to Train Your Dragon series, you’ll want to check out the Playmobil Grimmel and Deathgripper sets. The two playsets contain a Grimes dragon and the villain Grimmel, along with his deadly dragon Deathgripper. Both of these Playmobil dragons are recommended for children aged four and older. Children should be supervised when playing with these Playmobil figures, as they contain small parts.

Whether your child is learning about the film or just looking to collect a Playmobil piece, the series has something for every child. There are many new sets featuring popular characters from the movies, including the newest dragon, Light Fury. These sets also feature new baby dragons, which are just as adorable as they appear on the screen. You can also find a Hiccup and Toothless set with two young children and a baby dragon.

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Kids’ movie franchises have become a common thing in recent years, but not all are created equal. The How to Train Your Dragon movie series includes three movies and an animated show on Netflix. The latest movie in the series, How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, opened on the biggest opening weekend of the year, and Playmobil is releasing a new line of playmobil toys to coincide with the release of the film.