Plain White Ts Net Worth

If you love pop music and have ever wondered how much the members of Plain White Ts are worth, then you’ve come to the right place. Tom Higgenson is one of the most well-known pop singers of the decade, and he is also a very accomplished musician.

Plain White Ts

The singer and lead guitarist of the band are worth around $600,000 a piece. Their hit song “Shake It Off” made them a household name, and now he and Nikkia have an impressive net worth of $600,000.

Tom Higgenson

Tom Higgenson is a well-known Pop Singer with a net worth of between $1 Million and $5 Million. He is a founding member of the band Plain White T’s and has had several chart-topping singles since forming the group in 1997. His best-known songs are “Nickia’s Prom” and “Holy Moly,” and he’s also written songs for other bands such as Nikkia and the Ramones.

It is not known how much Tom Higgenson earns from his musical career, though his salary is estimated at around six hundred thousand dollars per year. The songwriter also has a son named Lennon Higgenson. In addition to performing at concerts, Tom Higgenson’s net worth is determined by his involvement in music and film. Although he is not married, Tom is also a father.

Dave Tirio

Plain White T’s have amassed a substantial net worth, with their catchy riffs and upbeat songs tackling age-old themes. Formed in 1997 in Lombard, Illinois, the band is best known for the hit song “Hey There Delilah,” sung by frontman Tom Higgenson. It became a #1 hit in the US and earned the group a net worth of $1.7 million.

Dave Tirio was born on October 28, 1979, in Chicago, Illinois. He was active in his junior high school band, but picked up the guitar in eighth grade. The band was formed in 1997, and Tirio was originally the drummer. However, he switched to the rhythm guitar in 2003. Since then, his net worth has increased substantially. He has two children and three partners, including a wife and a girlfriend.

Tim G. Lopez

NBC reality dating show “Ready for Love” has added another dimension to the wacky relationship series. Tim Lopez is currently a bachelor on the series. Born in Santa Barbara, California, Tim Lopez has a younger sister and older brother. He married Whitney Hardin when he was still in high school, but still believes in marriage. He hopes to find the right partner on the dating show.

The singer, guitarist, and songwriter of ‘Hey There Delilah’ has earned a net worth of $3 million. He began his career as an associate of a rock band in 1997 and has been nominated for two Grammy Awards and an American Music Award. His career as a musician has made him a highly sought-after personality. He has also appeared on NBC’s reality show, Ready for Love. His relationship with McGuire ended because of his commitment to the band.

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Nikkia’s Prom

Tom Higgenson is an accomplished musician and singer. He is the lead guitarist and vocalist of the band Plain White T’s. Nikkia’s Prom was written by Higgenson. According to some sources, his net worth is around $50 million. Tom Higgenson has been involved in the music industry for many years. This is probably one of the reasons why his net worth is so high.

Tom Higgenson was born in Villa Park, IL, and is the lead vocalist of the band Plain White T’s. Higgenson co-wrote “NIKKIA’S PROM” for the Blues Traveler album. He met bassist Ken Fletcher while playing in the band Harvey’s Daughter. Higgenson’s net worth rose as a result.

“Nikkia’s Prom”

Tom Higgenson and Nikkia’s Prom are among the most popular songs from the Plain White T’s album. The song was co-written by Higgenson and the other member of the band is Tom. Tom Higgenson is a famous musician and is a lead guitarist and vocalist of the band. The song made Tom Higgenson a household name. Tom Higgenson’s net worth is approximately $50 million.

Higgenson was raised in Villa Park, Illinois. He joined the band Plain White T’s at a young age and became one of the group’s lead singers. Higgenson, now 43 years old, also co-wrote the song “Nikkia’s Prom” for the album Blues Traveler. Higgenson met bassist Ken Fletcher during the group Harvey’s Daughter.


The net worth of Plain White T’s singer Delilah DiCrescenzo is a big question mark in the music industry. The lead singer met the musician in 2002 and promised to write a song in her honor. The song quickly rose to fame and even got two Grammy nominations. Its popularity also made Delilah an instant celebrity. Despite her modest net worth, she has worked with several big names, including the rap group Eminem and the bluegrass band The Commodores.

The singer’s net worth is estimated to be about $3 million. The band is famous for its song, “Hey There Delilah.” Although the song was dedicated to a real life person, the group released it under its band name. Although members Dave Tirio and Ken Fletcher left the band during the recording process, the song quickly became a hit and garnered several nominations and Grammy Awards.