What is Network Transaction Error Message?

If you’re experiencing an error message similar to the ErrInsufficientFunds error, you’re not alone. There are several common reasons that this error occurs. These include: already known, underpriced, and once too high. Here are a few solutions you can try to fix the problem.


An ErrInsufficientFunds network transaction failure error message is generated when the sending wallet does not have enough funds to cover the transaction gas and funds. You can easily fix this error by decreasing your gas settings or reducing the amount of money being transferred. Depending on the cause of the error, you may need to contact the provider to resolve the issue.

The cause of an ErrInsufficientFunds network transaction failure can vary and can be caused by a variety of reasons. For example, a merchant may be trying to use a card which has a faulty chip, or it may be an issue with the issuer. If the issuer is an overseas bank, they would not allow an online transaction. It can also happen if your card has been stolen or lost. If this happens to you, it’s advisable to contact the issuing bank immediately.


ErrAlreadyKnown is a type of network transaction error message. This error message appears when a user tries to resubmit a transaction that already exists in the mempool. The error message indicates that the transaction cannot be completed, and the user should submit a new one.


ErrNonceTooHigh network transaction errors can occur for a variety of reasons. The nonce, an integer associated with each address, is too low or too high, or both. This error often indicates that a user has an outdated view of his account, or multiple devices are using the same account. In order to resolve this error, the user must retry the transaction and provide an updated nonce value.

The CAPTURE_ONLY transaction type is not supported by Wells Fargo SecureSource. However, if the error message appears, you can customize the customer’s response to the message. For example, you can tell the customer that the transaction was declined after manual review. The transaction was not processed because of an error during the encryption of sensitive data.

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If you’re seeing an ErrUnderpriced network transaction message, it means your transaction has failed for one reason or another. Sometimes, you’ve added the wrong chain data, or you don’t have enough tokens to pay the gas fee. In this case, you can try increasing your gas limit to solve the problem.

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