NetSpend All Access Debit Cards

NetSpend All Access debit cards offer a free overdraft buffer of up to $10 per transaction, with overdraft charges of $15 per overdraft after this. The free buffer can be used on purchases, but you cannot use it more than three times a month. NetSpend also offers a free overdraft cushion when you use an ATM. Overdraft fees do not apply if you pay them back within 24 hours.

A Netspend all-access debit card is an excellent way to avoid negative balances because of the low interest rate. This card is designed for people who frequently spend small amounts of money and don’t want to be stuck with a large balance. Netspend’s overdraft service is powered by MetaBank, which provides small loans to eligible customers. To qualify, you need to deposit at least $200 into your Netspend account every thirty days.

Fortunately, most banks offer linked savings accounts, allowing customers to link their savings to their checking account. Most banks will automatically transfer funds from savings when the checking account reaches a negative balance, but they may charge a small fee for this service. You must make sure to pay back the money that you withdraw before the overdraft fee kicks in.

If you’re worried about overdraft fees, consider switching to a traditional checking account. Netspend AllAccess debit cards are capped at $15,000 per transaction and can cost up to $20 if you go over them. It’s a great second-chance checking account for anyone with a poor banking history.

Overdraft protection is optional with NetSpend, but it’s always a good idea to check the terms and conditions of your card before using it to make purchases. There’s a small fee for overdrafts, but you’ll have a grace period of 24 hours.