Need For Mobile Device Management Solution in African Market

There has been a growing need for mobile device management solutions in African markets. The market is segmented by component, deployment model, enterprise size, and vertical industry. It is also analyzed across regions, including North America, Asia-Pacific, and key countries. The report highlights key trends and players operating in these markets.

Demand for mobile device management solution in African market

Demand for mobile device management solution in Africa is increasing as more organizations are adopting bring your own device (BYOD) policy. This strategy allows users to bring their own devices to work, while keeping corporate data secure and accessible. Despite the benefits of BYOD, organizations may face numerous security issues such as lost devices, lack of corporate policy configuration, and multiple user authentication. Using an MDM solution can help organizations avoid these threats.

Several mobile device management solution providers are available in Africa. Some of them include MobileIron, Addigy, Codeproof technologies, Mitsogo Inc., and Pro Mobi. Various MDM providers also provide integration, maintenance, and consulting services.

Key players

In the Middle East and Africa, many organizations are deploying enterprise mobility solutions to manage their mobile workforces and protect sensitive data. The proliferation of personal devices has triggered the need for stronger content and data security measures. These solutions also help companies prevent lost devices and manage corporate policy configuration. Furthermore, these solutions can restrict unauthorized access to corporate networks.

The growing BYOD trend is expected to drive the mobile device management market. This trend enables companies to better manage their devices and data, boost worker productivity, and reduce the total cost of ownership. Similarly, Europe is expected to account for a large share of the mobile device management market, due to the rapid adoption of the solution. However, the continent is facing several challenges, including a halt in the production of electronic products, which may hamper the market growth.

Competitive landscape

The mobile device management solution market is composed of entities offering tools and methodology to manage mobile devices. These solutions help businesses provide their employees with the productivity tools they need, while keeping corporate data secure. These solutions are widely used by IT departments and are available for a variety of operating systems and mobile service providers.

The report covers the latest trends and insights on the global mobile device management market. It also highlights the present and future business opportunities in the market. The report also documents the manufacturing process, costs structure, price structure, and competitive landscape for mobile device management solution.

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Impact of COVID-19 on global market

After the recent outbreak of COVID, many companies are reevaluating their long-term strategies and growth plans. The COVID pandemic is a major global concern, and it has disrupted supply chains and caused demand fluctuations. This is leading to significant changes in product portfolios, investments in R&D, and growth strategies.

While the global mobile device management solution market has been growing at a modest rate over the last few years, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on global manufacturing and industrial sectors is weighing heavily on the market. Because of the sudden spike in COVID-19 cases, the demand for smartphones and mobile device management software is expected to increase. Furthermore, the adoption of smart devices is increasing in Europe, where the mobile device management market is forecast to grow at a significant rate.

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