How to Make Nappy Cakes For a Baby Shower

A baby shower is a wonderful tradition and baby showers are becoming more popular in the UK. But with so many choices available, it can be tricky to know what to give a new mum-to-be. The original baby shower present is the nappy cake. Here’s how to make a nappy cake and why it’s the perfect gift for any new mother. And if you want to make it extra special, you can even decorate it with clothes pins.

Making a sturdy base

To make a diaper cake, you’ll need size one or two diapers, at least 50, and some decorative ribbon. You can use curling or decorative ribbons to decorate the outside layer of your cake. You can also use a baby bottle or other sturdy object as the cake’s core. Each tier needs a base that keeps the cake standing upright. If you’re short on supplies, you can always use two tiers and a stuffed animal on the third tier.

The base of your diaper cake should be sturdy enough to support its tiers of nappy products. You can make a sturdy base out of a cardboard cake stand or large plastic tray. You can also use an extra-large rubber band or ribbon to secure the base level. Make sure the base is level before you place the diapers on top. Once the diaper cakes are stacked, the stand should be sturdy and stable.

Using a rubber band

If you want to make nappy cakes that look like cupcakes, you can use a rubber band to hold them together. This elastic can be quite thick, so it’s easier to handle when you’re making them for a baby. Roll each diaper so it’s roughly the same height as the other diapers, and then secure it with a rubber band. You can even use two rubber bands instead of one!

Next, you’ll need a solid base. To make a cardboard base, cut a large piece of card into a circular shape, about 35 cm in diameter. Wrap the cardboard with a piece of wrapping paper, if you prefer. A tray or cake plate works well, too. Just make sure that the bottom of the cake doesn’t stick out! You can also use a baby’s bottle as a stabiliser for the nappies.

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Using size three nappies

To make nappy cakes, firstly, you will need a base. To make a round base, cut out a large piece of cardboard about 35 centimetres in diameter. Cover the cardboard with wrapping paper. Alternatively, you can use a cake plate or tray to serve as a base. You may also consider giving the cake plate or tray as a bonus gift.

To decorate the cake, cut out the shapes of the cylinders. Then, you can use rubber bands to keep them in place. While this step can be quite tedious, the end result will be a beautiful nappy cake! Then, roll the washcloths into cylinders, and secure the ends with a rubber band. Repeat the process for the top tier of the cake.

Decorating with clothes pins

There are several ways to decorate a nappy cake. You can use ribbon or rolled-up receiving blankets, or you can also make your own using scrapbook paper. To hide the holes, you can use a cute cake topper. This can be an added bonus gift. You can also make more than one tier. The more layers you add, the more decorations you can add.

Nappy cakes are not edible, but they look beautiful assembled. They are an eco-friendly gift, which will save mom money and establish a great cloth diaper stash. Traditionally, disposable diaper cakes have been a common centerpiece at baby showers. You can try making one to give as a unique baby shower gift. This way, you can include items from the mom’s registry or wish list.

Using a castle diaper cake as an example

Creating a diaper castle for a baby shower can be as easy as following the steps outlined in this article. To begin, cut six equal square sections from craft foam. Roll each square section into a cone and tie the ends with a pink ribbon. Next, place a princess doll on top of the cake. Secure the princess doll with additional ribbon. Using the same ribbon, add additional bows on the top of the diaper castle. Place travel-size baby items inside the layers of the castle.

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Another fun idea for a diaper cake is to turn it into a castle for a baby shower. You can decorate the sides of the cake with ribbons and washi tape flags. You can also include small toys or gifts in the castle, such as hair bows, barrettes, socks, and baby combs. Depending on the theme of the baby shower, you can even create a castle for the baby.