Miss Mage – What Is Kokichi’s Favorite Food?

While Kokichi is incapable of tasting the food that he eats, he does have a few favorites. These foods are typically characterized by texture and temperature. One of his favorites stands out because it is bad. However, it is also true that he loves carbonated drinks. This is not a surprise, given that he specifically likes the bubbles and carbonation that these drinks contain.

‘Miss Mage’

what is kokichis favorite food

The name ‘Miss Mage’ was given to Kookichi by the school’s headmaster. She was Kookichi’s mother’s best friend. Unlike his mother, she never ate meat. She also ate fish, but she did not like to eat fish. When Kookichi was a child, she used to hate fish. However, once she started eating chicken, she had a change of heart.

Despite her name, Kookichi has never been romantically involved with anyone. She only seems to be worried during Prologue. She never acted like a villain, but she did offer to check on Exisals when other students were worried about her. Despite her love for ‘Miss Mage,’ she has always been known to have a crush on other people.

Shuichi’s attitude towards Kokichi

Throughout the manga, we’ve seen many instances of Kokichi’s jealousy toward the younger brother, and this also applies to Shuichi’s attitude towards him. Kokichi’s reluctance to talk to Shuichi may be a result of his feelings for Koichiro, a former friend. In this case, Kokichiro takes the initiative to ask for Kokichi’s opinion, but it’s not enough to win over a jealous partner. While this may seem unfair, Shuichi’s feelings for Kokichi are primarily a result of his superiority and respect.

Kaito is attempting to protect Shuichi by sacrificing himself, but this time, he’s not just acting for himself. While Kaito was happy to watch Shuichi solve the problem, his actions were unwise. Nevertheless, he feels compelled to protect his master. Besides, his attitude towards Kokichi makes him a better friend than Kokichi. But Kaito’s anger is also justified, since he has seen how the latter treats the ‘older brother’.

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Kokichi’s relationship with Miu

While the main characters of the show are male and female, Kokichi’s relationship with Miu is a bit more complicated. Miu has been a friend of Kokichi’s since middle school. She became the only person who knows about “the event” and fears that Kokichi is pushing her too far. In addition to her worries, Keebo also has his own feelings for Miu and fears that it will ruin the friendship between the two of them.

Kokichi and Miu’s relationship is revealed when they accidentally swap bodies in the Anthology Series. They pretend to be each other to stop anyone from noticing them. However, Maki and Shuichi realize that the two are actually the same person, and Kokichi blames Miu for bumping into him. He calls Miu’s body dirty and worries that she may commit murder while he’s in her body.

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Kokichi’s inability to taste food

Kokichi’s inability to taste means that he has no idea what he is eating. His favorite foods are those that feature temperature and texture. One item that stands out is an Immortality drink. This drink gives him immortality, but it’s actually very bad. Kokichi also loves carbonated drinks, and it’s obvious that he likes the bubbly, fizzy sensation.

However, Kokichi’s inability to taste certain foods is also a sign of his lack of self-esteem and his lack of confidence. This is why he appears childish and innocent in his first meeting with K1-B0. He is also very excited about new things, and Kaede found him exhausting. However, despite his childlike personality, Kokichi is a complex character.

Kokichi’s motives for murdering Monokuma

Kokichi’s motives for murder are largely psychological. Ultimately, he wants to expose Kiibo as a mastermind and uses his power of manipulative scheme to accomplish this. However, he is ultimately responsible for the death of Monokuma, and his motives go far beyond this. In the Japanese version, Kokichi is referred to as “beloved Saihara-chan,” while in the English version, he is simply referred to as “mister detective.”

While the motivations of the killers were initially based on a friendship, Gonta’s motivations for murdering Monokuma are surprisingly complex. Not only were the two students friends, but they were also in the same program. Gonta wanted Kokichi to be blamed less than he did, and therefore not be labeled as an accomplice.