How to Build a Menage Without Planning Permission

If you want to build a menage on your property, there are some things you should know. The most common issues with a menage are its visual and environmental impact on the surrounding area. In some cases, you can build it on the side of a building or in a corner of a field. If you want to build a menage on your property without obtaining planning permission, there are a few different ways you can go about it.

Cost of building a menage

If you want to build a menage for your horses, you must first obtain planning permission for the structure. Normally, this will be necessary if you are going to use the menage for commercial purposes. Commercial menages are usually larger than private menages, and they may have multiple lessons at the same time. You may also want to double the length of a standard menage if you plan to use it for commercial purposes. Most menages are forty metres long and twenty metres wide.

When building an outdoor menage, make sure that you have ample space for the arena. The most common outdoor menage size is 40x20m, and you may want to increase this amount if you plan to build a jumping arena. Similarly, dressage arenas are typically 60x20m. To save money, you should choose an area where there is easy access. If you do not have enough space for a traditional outdoor arena, you may want to consider purchasing a riding arena kit and fitting it yourself. This way, you can save money on the material and labor costs. If you decide to buy an outdoor arena kit, make sure to add the surface you want to use.

Cost of maintaining a menage

If you don’t have planning permission to establish a menage, you may wonder how to build one. You should consult with the local planning office to find out what regulations you must adhere to. Most construction companies will do the planning paperwork for you. When you purchase the property, you should state that you are going to use it as your own home. Later, you may want to use it for business purposes. If you plan to operate a business from your menage, you will need to get planning permission and pay business rates.

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Size of a menage

If you’re considering building a menage, you must know that a size of 20 x 40 metres will usually be sufficient for the land on which you want to build. If you go over this size, you run the risk of creating an obstacle course with sharp posts and mud fever infections. The average school has a size of at least 20 x 40 metres. It may also be necessary to obtain planning permission for a business, which will require paying business rates and applying for planning.

Sub-base material for a menage

The first thing to look out for when choosing sub-base material for a menage without obtaining planning permission is the cost. Few people are willing to build a menage at a cost that is beyond their budget. There will always be people who will recommend a low-quality material or cutting corners that may cause problems later. But if you are planning to build a menage in an existing field, it is essential to get the right materials and get them installed by a professional.

Another issue to consider when building a menage is the location of the building. While a menage can be built on a corner of a field, its position can have an impact on the area and the neighbours. For example, if you are building a menage on a steep slope, you will need more fill and excavation. Even then, the finished menage will not have an ideal foundation.

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Cost of fencing around a menage

Fencing around a menage is a great way to add a decorative finishing touch to the area. Depending on the final surface, it can range from 350mm to 400mm thick. Existing topsoil can block drainage, so it is best to remove it. Once finished, you can use the topsoil to regulate around the menage, filling in lower lying areas, and add grass seed.

The location of your menage is another consideration. It must be flat and not sit on a hill, which may cause drainage issues. A good location is in a corner of the field, where it will be free of neighbouring houses. Building a menage against a hillside requires more fill and excavation, which will increase the cost. This is especially true if the menage sits on a sloping area.

When considering the cost of fencing, consider the purpose of your menage. A menage for commercial purposes has different requirements to a private yard. It might hold several lessons at one time. Commercial menages can double or triple the standard length. They are typically forty metres long by 20 metres wide. If you’re building a menage for commercial purposes, doubling the length may be the best option.

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The cost of fencing around a menage without planning consent can range considerably, but it is well worth it. The menage surface will require ongoing maintenance. A good leveling device will ensure that the menage is completely level. For those who don’t want to build a menage, they can use a traditional fence. These are both cost-effective and beautiful. You should also ask around with other menage owners.