Maria Elena Boschi – Giulio Berruti’s Wife

Giulio Berruti is an Italian actor who has made many appearances in movies. He starred in the film Monte Carlo and played a lead role in Walking on Sunshine.

He has a huge net worth and seems to be doing well in life. But do you know if he’s married? Read on to find out!

Maria Elena Boschi Age

Maria Elena Boschi was born on January 24, 1981 in Montevarchi, Provincia di Arezzo. She is the daughter of Pierluigi Boschi and Stefania Agresti.

She is also the sister of Emanuele and Pierfrancesco Boschi. She entered in politics in 2008, when she was part of Michele Ventura’s campaign to become mayor of Florence.

Afterwards, she was a close advisor to Matteo Renzi. In February 2014, she became Minister of Constitutional Reforms and Relations with the Parliament, a position she held until December 2016.

She left the Democratic Party, joining Matteo Renzi’s liberal Italia Viva. In this way, she became a member of the Chamber of Deputies.

Maria Elena Boschi Height

The love affair between Giulio Berruti and Maria Elena Boschi has been much talked about in the media. The couple has been spotted together on many occasions, especially during the festive season.

Boschi was born in Montevarchi but grew up in Laterina, a small town in the province of Arezzo, Tuscany. She is the daughter of Pierluigi Boschi, owner of the farm Il Palagio and a member of dozens of agricultural and wine associations; she has also been a provincial director of Coldiretti and a board member of the Camera di Commercio of Arezzo.

She studied at the University of Florence where she received a classical education, passing the final exam with 100/100 and graduating with 110/110 cum laude in Law. She also served on the Examining Board of Civil Law of the School of Specialization for Legal Professions in Florence.

She was a politician and a member of the Democratic Party. She served as Minister for Constitutional Reforms and Relations with the Parliament from February 2014 to December 2016, delegated to the implementation of the government program in Matteo Renzi’s cabinet. Since December 2016, she has been the Secretary of the Council of Ministers in Paolo Gentiloni’s cabinet.

Maria Elena Boschi Weight

Maria Elena Boschi is the wife of Italian actor Giulio Berruti. The couple has been spotted together in several media outlets.

Boschi is 38 years old and was born on January 24, 1981 in Italy. She is a lawyer and politician, a member of the Chamber of Deputies since 2013.

She served as the Minister for Constitutional Reforms and Relations with the Parliament from February 2014 to December 2016. From 12 December 2016 until 1 June 2018 she was the Secretary of the Council of Ministers, in Gentiloni Cabinet.

Currently, she is a member of Matteo Renzi’s liberal party Italia Viva. She is also a Roman catholic.

Boschi has been criticised by the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement for a conflict of interest in the rescue of four small banks that collapsed in 2015, in part due to her father’s involvement. Her father, Pierluigi Boschi, was a director of Banca Etruria at the time it was put into receivership and she had a stake in the bank. The 5-Star Movement said that Boschi should step down because of this and said her father should be held to account.

Maria Elena Boschi Body Measurements

When Matteo Renzi took office in 2014, he appointed a young politician, Maria Elena Boschi, to spearhead his ambitious reform agenda. Critics were quick to label her a lightweight, but she has since gone on to become the driving force behind a series of major changes in Italian politics.

She has also made herself an ally to the Democratic Party leader and prime minister, Also Read, Matteo Renzi. She is responsible for the senate reforms that have been passed by the parliament under his leadership, which has seen the government’s legislative process streamlined and less costly.

But her personal life has come under scrutiny as well. She was accused of influencing government policy with her father’s bank, Banca Etruria, after it was revealed that she had held shares in the company.

But Boschi isn’t willing to back down on her fight against corruption. She says she believes that a simple concept should govern Italy’s political system: he who makes a mistake, must pay for it.

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